In the United Kingdom mixed race people are officially the future face of the country. Consequently, "the growing number of mixed relationships have been suggested to be evidence of a more tolerant society".

I will not interfere with this statement ; I let you form your opinion.

My experience is that one way or the other my child stands out in his class. It is my responsibility to determine whether it is his skin colour, his boisterous behaviour or his intelligent that stands out.

There’s no manual for raising children. I personally believe that good parenting is a complicated recipe of nurturing, support, protection, understanding, guidance and relatability.

It means not only that you buy dolls with hair and skin like your daughters, so she learns to embrace her own beauty but also that you make sure that the child has a library of black literature at her disposal- just to mention a few examples.

The most concerning perception towards children from ethnic groups is that "they have special educational needs". This is something my husband always reminds me of. He always says we can never forget that people have an opinion about our children even before they know them. 

 It is not a secret that I spend more time with our children than my husband as he is currently extremely busy with his Master's degree studies.

My husband is from Nigeria and I know that Nigerians have a strong culture of achievement with high expectations of pupils. I also know a lot of Nigerian mothers that take time out of their schedule for supporting their children's education.

I as a white woman from Hungary want to make sure that first of all I have the right attitude towards diversity and inclusivity and second of all I become a role model for my children.

I know that probably my children hate our rule of " no TV on weekdays" and they don't always in the mood to learn Hungarian and Yoruba songs/ poems or complete extra writing exercises. However , I had to realise that mothers of black or mixed-race children have to work extra hard to make sure we stand out for the right reason.


  1. The truth, you ve said it all. I wish I find a white who will understand and have the same knowledge as you do. I envy your husband to give you so much things in this life.

    Please how do I share it on my facebook and re blog it too....thanks.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this! I have no baby yet, but I love to read your posts.
    It's really great your kids have a very caring mom who gives them the freedom to live both cultures. I heard many woman are trying to bring the kids far from their daddy's roots. It's such a pitty, therefore you are a real role model for all of us! People will continue judging even kids (how crazy is that?!) and if they are good examples to prove them wrong, hopefully people start changing their mindset! I want my family also to be an example to open people's eyes!

    Please keep your strength and open-minded personality. It would be nice to read more important life topic posts like this one. Much Love, Ela

    1. Thank you for commenting. Making people change their mindset is really challenging.:) I am just sharing my opinion hoping to help somebody. Knowing that you like my posts is extremely encouraging. Thank you for commenting. If you have any questions or topics you would like to read about please let me know. xx

  4. Quite an interesting read about mixed race children and the perception of the world towards them. Good to know too that the world is now more open and more accepting of diversity and tolerance among people and groups. Those attitudes and discipline you are giving to your children should be emulated by other parents too. then we would have less problem with racism in the world

  5. Its true.I find this prevailing trend quite good one for a better and healthy society.Tolerence is indeed important and this approach is really appreciable.Thanks.

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