Hi Lola, thanks for this interview. First of all please tell us a little bit about yourself and your aspirations in life?

I'm a mom to 2 beautiful kids, in love with music and take great pleasure in being an artist/performer. I aspire only to be the best I can be at what ever God has created me to do.

2. You were born in Chicago. what brought you to Nigeria?

I was born in Chicago but also lived here 8 years of my life, from the age of 4 to 12. It's still my home and my family on my mom and dads side are mostly here. So it was only right to come back and fall in love with my roots all over again. I love being here. The only thing is I have to go back and forth because of my family back home as well.

3. Tell us about your modelling and acting career whilst in Chicago. And how you progress from there?

I started modeling when I was 19 at elite model management in Chicago and it stuck with me ever since. Did some few shows but didn't push too hard on it because I was also in an R&B group at the same time and it was my main focus. I also took acting, theater and improv classes in college so I was always aspiring to become an actress. I just never made it my first priority.

4. It is not a secret that you have 2 children. Please tell us how you are able to balance out your personal life and your career?

It's all God. If not for him I wouldn't have the strength mentally and physically to handle leaving my children to pursue my career. But my kids believe in me. They are at the age now to understand what mommy is doing and why. I owe it also to my family, most mother, who gave me the "go ahead" and takes care of her grandkids. If not for her, I'd still be working in corporate. Lol Love her to heavens.

5. What are your plans for the future in regards to your acting career in Nigeria? And who would you like to work with?

I'd like to work with everyone. Lol My plans are me being very well in the lime light. I have a passion for entertainment. So whether it be acting or singing or modeling, my goal is to keep the awareness of Lola Savage beaming as much as it can.

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