As a Radio presenter I have the honour to talk to upcoming Nigerian artists, singers sometimes even work with them on music videos. However there are certain questions that come to my mind over and over again.Why is it that some music gets massive airplay, while some artistes who are really good never gets their songs heard?

Why do some artistes "blow" while others who are equally talented never make it big?
I have always wondered about the real answers to these questions. Have you?

I think art is just one part of success, marketing is the second aspect.

People will accept an artist how he’s marketed. The art is just one part of it; the marketing is the second aspect. It’s 50-50. Without marketing it’s really difficult to impress the audience. This is because of the way the industry is set up. There is no structure so it’s about who can get the most attention. That’s why some new artistes who are talented don’t get enough recognition no matter how good they are. Promotion plays a major part, and a lack of funds hinders the spread of good music.

I have the privilege to help upcoming artists to get heard. If you are one of those let's talk.

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