Becoming Christian is one of the greatest thing that has happened to me after getting married.

Reading the Bible and living to it a great help in life. In fact I often feel like I found the instruction booklet to solve my problems.

What I really find promising is that I found the best way to raise my children, the Christian way. To my husband this is perfectly normal. He has been raised in Nigeria to a very religious father that would make him pray long hours EVERY DAY. He still remembers the memory verses that needed to be repeated every day. He can quote from the Bible for hours but most importantly he lives according to these teachings.

My case is completely different. I have been brought up in Hungary by agnostics and I had not opened the Bible in the first 24 years of my life.

As last week we celebrated Children's Day in our church - New Covenant Church Manchester- I was amazed by the children performing on stage. They were so natural and enthusiastic; I wish I had a foundation like them.

It is not a secret that New Covenant Church is a mainly Nigerian church and when it comes to religion Nigerians MEAN BUSINESS....I'm telling you.

It was in 2011 when I have first heard my future sister in law praying. To be very honest with you I felt scared. I thought she was fighting first but then I have realised she was praising God.

Now I wouldn't be scared any more because I know that different people have different ways to praise God. But I can tell that my Nigerian family would not joke with the Bible. They know it inside out without question. For instance, when I tell people in my church that my son is called Kornelius ; I do not have to explain who Kornelius was in the Bible. ................When we used to go to Church of England with my husband this wasn't evident.

All in all I love the fact that my son is singing Christian songs at breakfast and he's been raised the Nigerian Christian way.