This blog post is dedicated to my friend that asked my advice on how to keep Nigerian husband -or any husband- interested in a relationship.

A lot of people think that African men like bigger ladies. This not true or maybe partly. It really depends on your man. Some man like skinny chicks , some don't.

However, there are a few things that all Naija wives can do to keep their men interested:

First of all you want your man to be attracted to you for ever. You need to package yourself well. How do you do that? I'm sure all women know the power of dressing beautifully, smelling nicely, talking gently. Your man will go crazy if you do that. But this is just part of the story.

A lot of women change once they got married; they feel they arrived , they achieved what their parents wanted them to achieve for a long time. They have a nice husband that loves them. The only thing they forget is that their husband fell in love with them because of the way they behaved , looked and treated them during dating.

The same way they fell in love with you for this reason they can fall out for the opposite. If you stop looking after yourself and you don't treat your husband well he won't be happy.

I had to realise that keeping fit and slim is extremely important in our marriage. It makes my husband feeling proud to be married to me and of course it makes me happier , too. I always make sure to eat healthy enough fruits and vegetables and if I need to I go through a 9 days cleansing programme to feel better I do that with a smile on my face. Read about the cleansing programme here.

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