Once my husband asked me if I  have ever thought that  I will have mixed-race children"....well, the thing is ....what I have really not expected was all the comments people told me in the past few years about my children.

I mean, I kind of got over the fact that my children are considered to be "only black" or "only white" depending on the location they are at at the time. In the UK they are black, however in Nigeria they are oyinbo (white).

 But I really have not expected the other comments I got. I have collected a few of them for you just to give you an idea.

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1. you are so lucky that your children have light skin.

2. what did you feel when you saw a black child coming out of you? (my daughter looked very dark when she was born)

3. You are so lucky. Mixed race children are so much cuter.

4. Did your husband ever doubted they are his children? (My children are quite light skinned now.)

5. "But what kind of life are they going to have" - a Hungarian old lady on the way to Hungary

6. What did your mum say when you announced you will marry a black guy.

7. Oh, dear good luck with combing their hair.

8. I love half-cast children, too. (In many countries -including Hungary- people still call mixed race children half-cast)

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