Since 2011 I am surrounded by Nigeran people. Most of my friends are actually from Nigeria. It was easy to notice that all strive for a big car giant gele and beautiful jewellery. It's  like "the bigger things I have the richer person I am". Don't get me wrong; this is not unusual in other nations of the world , too. However something is still unusual with these Nigerians. The way to get to this Nigerian dream is: EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SELL SOMETHING.

I've noticed that Nigerians always want to make extra cash. Whatever their occupation might be they always try and sell something. I have friends who sells handbags and shoes, the other one jewellery or even soup or meat pie. Nigerians are smart people. They spot opportunities and they quickly buy into it. I wasn't surprised when my husband spent months and months to get me to sell something. I started with make up and clothes, followed buy books and food. My husband is also a "hard-working bee" currently working on at least 3 different businesses at the  time. He's working in film industry and directing his documentary, he's working on a magazine and helps out at a radio station.

Check out one of his super short documentary:

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