There is a time in almost every body's life when you know you should lose a bit of weight but you really can't find motivation for it.  This is the time when you can create a pros and cons list.

Look at mine!


1. Being healthy
2. Don't have to worry about being too big for something.
3. Won't fear physical intimacy
4. Not having to ask for seat belt extender when flying
5. Alleviate general obesity symptoms (joint pain,  inner thigh rub,  mobility,)
6. Be a good role model for your kids
7. No more hiding behind your friends while taking picture
8. Being able to cross your legs again
9. Avoiding weight related diseases e.g. type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure,  severe arthritis
10. Being smaller than your mother and your male friends


1. Restrictions in diet
2. Miss being care free=careless about my food
3. Lots more laundry
4. Your baby gets used to you carrying him/her
5. You need to sit on the back seat when a friend gets in the car
6. You need to squeeze into the garage to get something because nobody else can get in
7. In the holiday club you look like one the kids rather than the teacher

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