I'm currently volunteering at our local church in a program called holiday club. 

We run this club from 12th August to 23rd August and it takes place at New Covenant Church Manchester,- 1 Matthews Ln, Manchester M12 4QW - from 11.00 am until 4.00pm,registration in the main hall. It is for mainly local children of the community between the age of 5 and 16.

We have a particular theme of activities -  including zumba, swimming, cooking, creative activities. We also provide lunch for all the kids and snack before they leave. 

For the games and craft the children are divided into age groups, younger and older, which makes it easier to tailor the activities to suit a particular age range. Each evening the children take home the craft item that they have made as a memento.

The two weeks club with an invitation to parents and grandparents to the Friday when everyone comes along and has the opportunity to join in the fun.

We have a core planning team of about eight with others willing to help out on the event. We also have several very capable teenagers/young adults who take a very active role each day.

And the best thing about it that this cost only 1 pound / child as the event funded by Boys Brigade.

Please bring along your child and let them have fun.

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