This page is called WHITE NAIJA GIRL I'm sure many people know what "white" and "girl" mean. What what about "naija"?

"Naija is a word we Nigerians guard jealously" - says a Nigerian.
As a Hungarian person all I know is that "Naija" is a short form of Nigerian.

It has a special pronounciation as well.
"It must be punchy - both syllables should be emphasised but with a hook for the "Nai" and jab for the "ja"."
Some people have special feeling about it as well:

Here is a selection of your comments:

What Naija means to me is: Nai - the old Nigeria with a bad image because of corrupt ex-leaders and Ja - a slang for disappear. So when we say Naija, it means that we, the youth, are determined to cleanse the country and show the world the true colour of this great nation. Naija for real! Simon, Enugu, Nigeria

Naija means a lot to me - it is my home and it is where I will die. There is no place like home and that place is Naija. Even with the corrupt practices and the kidnappings, it is only we Nigerians who can solve our problems. I do not think there is any need for us to run somewhere else, instead it is better we sit down and and resolve this issue. After all, other countries have their problems to solve, so let's stay and solve ours. I love my country, my father's land and my home. Naija - what a place to be. Obireh Erhuvwu, Kaduna, Nigeria

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