Nigerian people love church. They love going to church, boasting about which church they go to, which church they started, how many uncles they know are pastors – and of course – singing praise songs any chance they can get.

As a Nigerian man's wife, you already know this: any function is a function fit for God, so at your wedding, at your birthday, and at your graduation, you better be prepared for some worship. After all the guests arrive mother in law steps up and says: “Today our daughter/son is a graduate! ". What begins as a normal speech slowly turns into: “… and we thank you Jesus for everything…” Which, of course, quickly becomes a chorus of everyone’s favorite: “… oh Lord I am very very grateful!” And so it starts.

As a Nigerian man's wife I even went further and joined the choir in church. I'm always amazed how many songs Nigerians know; I'm still struggling to learn all the songs that we're singing in service. As for Yoruba ones my favorite is Kilo lese Olorun mi. :)

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