As we know in British culture children can get there driving license  from the age of 16 and they can vote from 18. It is not rare to see young mothers on the street pushing the buggy and expecting their second child. Living in England I often get the feeling that life is too short. You have a baby and within 2 decades you can be a grandmother.

Children are grown up adult from the age of 16 and they often move out of their home having their own flat, car and family.

I must say that this isn't the case in my country, Hungary but not even in my husband's country, Nigeria. Children or - I should say - young adults cannot afford to move out of their home early. Some of them live with their parent even at the age of 30. They find it difficult to get a good job that can pay the rent.

Unemployment is a big problem in Nigeria. Excellent education is no guaranty for a bright future. There is a lot of competition or every single position and on the top of that acquiesces are enjoying priority. "If you know someone  at the company you have more chance." - said my husband once.

This is one of the reasons why many people are industrial amongst Nigerians. One of them sews dresses, the other one makes jewelers, the third one cooks for parties. Everybody is busy making money.

And until they get a well-paid job they live with their parents, enjoying mommy's yummy food.

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