Afro hair is considered to be unkept, untidy and unruly in the pre-dominantly white corporate and commercial world. There have been numerous reports where black people have been cautioned for wearing their natural hair or cornrows to work.

And the multi-million dollar Black Hair Industry wants black women to continue believing that their own natural hair is ugly so that they continue to throw hundreds of dollars at products that promote low self-esteem, hate of afro hair and idolisation asian and european hair.
To tell you the truth I didn't know what the real afro hair looked like for a long time.

It is partly because we live in a world where most of what we see on the big screen is white dominated. We see white girls flashing long glossy hair and commercials continually hammer the message that bone straight hair is the ultimate hair beauty. Then what happens? Black people and my children begin to feel insecure and desire what we see, forgetting what we see is purely for financial gain and has nothing to do with true health or real beauty.

There are so many elements fighting against the black woman opening her eyes and claiming her natural beauty. Afro hair is a crown to the heads, it grows up with pride so African people should be proud of who they are and claim their own beauty rather than digesting media junk and desperately trying to mimic that of other races. 

If you are black, you have naturally curly hair and its beautiful just as is the black woman. My beautiful black ladies let your natural beauty glow. Accept your real self and your real beauty rather than chasing an elusion that encourages low self-esteem and enriches the asian economy rather than our own.

Mother’s are also partly responsible for young black women growing up to hate their hair. When your mother is tugging through your hair complaining about how dry and bushy it is, whilst ripping the comb through and causing pain, it no wonder that those children grow up wanting to avoid having to handle this hair that they are constantly told is so unmanageable.

Ladies please, please, start being tender with your children’s hair and compliment them on the beauty of their natural afro hair so that our girls and boys can grow up feeling beautiful and proud to be black. I will certainly do so.

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