The following myths are general myths that I came across so far. Please comment and tell me what the Nigerian ones are.

You have to do cardio exercise to lose weight. (Walking, running, cycling, skipping)

I have to admit that it took me a long time to realize that cardio is not the best way to lose weight. A few years ago I believed I had to run to lose excess weight or keep it up. Today I know that I was wasting a lot of time with running.

You don’t need endless running in the gym to become slim! You have to work out with weights! You have to understand that the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns even when you are sleeping, this is because muscle burns more calories than fat.
Now twenty minutes exercise with weights is more than enough for me to keep myself fit.

You have to eat less if you want to lose weight

Good news for food lovers like me is that you don’t have to reduce the amount of food you eat if you ant to lose weight. The trick is to eat the right food at the right times.

Forget very low calorie diets because it is too hard to maintain. Every time I tried to eat very little I finally gave in and ate more calories than I needed, causing weight gain.

Apart from that, not eating decreases metabolism and your body thinks that you are either starving or fasting and reduces your metabolism to keep your most important organs working. You do lose weight but when you start eating your metabolism is still slow and your body thinks that may be this is the last time you will eat (as you've been starving). Consequently you actually start gaining even more weight.

Fat makes you fat
In my experience it is usually excess carbohydrate consumption, and not excess fat consumption that is causing weight gain!

In fact avoiding fat might cause weight gain.
Perhaps what is more useful for people to know is that eating different foods (carbs, proteins, fats and fibre) will affect how much you eat and how often via hormones! Ho many people know this?

Meals high in protein, keep you "fuller for longer". Eat too many carbs, and your body will have no choice but to store the extra energy as fat! In addition you will feel lethargic in the process, and then you soon feel hungry for more carbs! Carbs aren't bad, they are needed to give us energy however its very easy to overeat them!

Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight

Like I said earlier, you need to keep your metabolism fast if you want to lose weight. By skipping meals you can only achieve slow metabolism, a bit of weight loss and a lot a of weigth gain when you start eating again.

If you want to lose weight you still need to eat. Just reduce your portion sizes, eat fresh foods not processed meals , swap snacks such as crisps, chocolate bars etc for rice crackers, nuts and fruits. Cut back (or cut out) on alcohol.
Only eat as much as you need, don't overdo it just because you can.

These are my advice. I hope I could help.


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