While many traditions have gone by the wayside over the years, Nigerian way of hosting has never gone out of style. My husband and I have been guests several times and I thought I should pen down what I’ve learnt during some of these visits.

Let’s start with the fact that Nigerians like visiting each other (often impromptu), in fact they would visit a friend or family rather than go out to a pub. As a host, you must make sure you appear happy to see your guests even if they came at the worst time.

Another thing that was a bit unusual for me is that often you are expected to offer cooked food to your guests such as egusi soup, stew rice, eba etc. In my home-country of Hungary, guest are only offered snacks such as biscuit and cake.

If you eat iyan and egusi soup as I did today at my husband’s uncle’s house you have to also remember that the proper way to consume such food is with you hand, and you'll be given finger bowls and towels.

More importantly, it is deemed rude to use your left hand to eat, pass or receive anything in a Nigerian household. And unlike Europeans, Nigerians might find it offensive if you start blowing your nose noisily in front of them.

Finally DON'T use only first names to address people. Nigerians are very class oriented people and so younger people are expected to respect their elders by calling them Sister/Aunty  Tope or Uncle Femi.

If you're going to get one thing from this post, make it the fact that Nigerians are warm, polite, and caring people when it comes to hosting.

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