When you have a Nigerian husband, church and God become part of your life. Nigerian people love God and love praising Him. As I mentioned earlier, they pray even in normal conversations .... loruko Jesu....and then remember to say Amenooo.

This is something that we, White Naija Girls have to learn otherwise the communication can break easily. ..I love the way how most Nigerians relate to God. They are thanking Him every good things all the time as God is good...all the time.

Before I met my Husband my Sunday mornings were sad and boring. I even thought sometimes that Sundays can not be happy because Sunday is the last day of the week (in Hungarian calendar) and people are not even going out, everything is quite and miserable. When I met my Husband He introduced me to God and I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I found answers to so many of my questions and some of my problems disappeared.

Today I would like to summaries what I've learnt tonight at the couple's night at our church.

Our Nigerian pastors help us having a happier marriage and less arguments in our relationship. Thank You for that! This is something that I was missing from Church of England.

Let start with the fact that family is the first institution that God has established. God loves families and He doesn't want us to argue all the time. However argument is kind of understandable as two people are coming from different background and they have different ideas about things. Arguments can be about money, sex or even something very little and we should always try to avoid conflicts.

Marriage is a DECISION. We must make up our mind that it is going to work. In my experience many Nigerian men are looking for humble wives. They are looking for somebody that UNDERSTANDS, ADORES, RESPECTS, APPRECIATES and deeply LOVES them.

SUBMISSION is something that all wives should do to their husbands but we, women find it extremely difficult to submit. My theory is that respect is something that sometimes you only do because that's the word of God and not necessarily because your husband really deserves it.

The better your RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD the better your relationship with your husband. So make sure you don't have "boring Sundays" as I had when I was single.

We, women love talking. I literally have to bite my tongue sometimes because I could go on for ages. Men love wife that are LISTENING to them. So hold your tongue even if you bite it.

Use the MAGIC WORDS: Please, Thank you, Sorry. They really work.

Love does NOT KEEP RECORD OF WRONG. Some people actually write down the wrongs others do to them so that they never forget.

Nigerian men want you to be beautiful and SEXY. Not wearing the same nighty every night!!!

Nigerian men love food, especially Nigerian food. Some of them can not go on for a day without them. So if you are married to a Naija man, you have to be able to cook hot Naija food.

And lastly marriage should be ENJOYABLE, full of humor, love and caring. Remember to hug your husband when he arrives.


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  5. Look great for me :) im a white guy buy i like white girls and black guys couples :)

  6. Nice. Thanks for the post. I am a Nigerian lady my fiance is white, getting married soon. All the best.

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  8. great to see another white naija girl like me, they call me mamaoyinbo

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