My life was an average Hungarian girl’s life till the beginning of my university years, in 2005. This is when I started to study German language and Literature with a Specialization of Dutch language and culture. I was a very determined student not just at the university but I was also concerned about my future. I had the opportunity to travel to Germany and Belgium with scholarship and work in the Netherlands. I made sure I use the studied languages every summer during the summer holiday. However I knew I have to study English as well if I really want to be successful. So I went to England in 2008 to my friends who could help me to find a job in a factory. I’m not really a factory person though, so very quickly I changed to a restaurant job. This is when I started to be interested in food and healthy living. I met my husband and he introduced me to the Nigerian cuisine.

In the meantime I changed my job and started to work for an international recruitment company, later in a UK bank. Our son was born in 2012 in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. He’s still a little boy but we are very concerned about his cultural identity. We want him to know about the Hungarian and Nigerian culture. We started to teach him the language and introduced some Nigerian or Hungarian food in his diet. However , looking back, I have to realize that my diet is more African than Hungarian (Sorry Mummy!). In fact so Nigerian that my husband started to call me “White Naija Babe”. I have asweet thoth too, do at any given opportunity I ate chocolate, cakes of any kind, ice cream – if it was sweet I ate it. I have always eaten fruits as part of my diet so I remember thinking that as long as I ate fruit, drank loads of water and did a bit of exercise here and there, even though I drowned myself in loads of sweet foods and heavy Nigerian foods I would be fine. How wrong I was.

My dad has never been slim, he could put on weight easily and I guess I inherited this wonderful gene from him. Now I have to find a way to manage my weight while eating Nigerian food. Now with two children to look after trust me it is not easy.

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