There are a few simple tips to motivate yourself  to get some exercise. Every one of us have weaknesses that can prevent us from becoming healthy and super fit. However it is very import\ant to overcome these weaknesses in order to enjoy a quality life together with our family and love ones.

One of the best motivational tips I’ve ever heard is that you have to act like you already lost the weight you are trying to loose. Imagine that you are lean, imagine it very strongly. You can even look for your hero that you want to be like. Print out her/his picture and visualize it very strongly that you already have that kind of beautiful body. Find out what sort of exercise your hero does and copy it. Remember celebrities and very successful people are people just like us. If they can achieve that amazing shape you can do the same too. This is the method I've used after I had my first babay and probably will be using next time as well.

You can use the same technique when you are struggling to start your exercise for the day. If you don’t feel motivated then act like it. Act like you are super motivated and the funny thing is that you will begin to feel like it. Amazing!

When you are not very keen on exercising, start slowly. Look for a dynamic music and just start moving, put your leg to the right place, then the other one, then the other one…Don’t think of the whole program, just the actual set that you are doing. When you’ve finished move onto the next one, then the next one, then the next one… Easy, isn't it? It definitely works for me.

Sometimes I make a deal with myself. For example I say: When I’m done with my exercise I can watch my favorite TV show. By the way you can always use the time when you are watching TV to do some exercise.

My last advice is one of the most important: Find a reason why to do it. It’s quite difficult to motivate yourself to do exercise if you don’t even have a good reason for it. 

You can motivate yourself with the bikini season or that you want to look good for your husband. Important is that it gets you to work.

These are my advises for today. Please let me know which one of them works for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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