I got married to my Yoruba husband on 18th September 2012 and since then we had two children, a boy and a girl. It is interesting to see how people's perception has changed in the past 5-6 years or maybe I should say how I have changed towards people's perception.

When we started going out with my husband I could see people looking at us everywhere. It felt like people are watching us on the street, on the bus and definitely in a public place like a bar or a restaurant. But after a while I just simply stopped seeing these people. There were not there any more! I could not see them anymore!

And of course within two and a half year we had two children and I was too busy with them instead of checking whether people are looking or not. But I think people in general were more interested to see us together when we were just two of us. I wonder what they saw? A tall 6ft 3" black guy with a blond pale girl with her high heels. Oh boy, it was so funny how I enjoyed wearing my high heels at the start of our relationship. I always loved high heels and when I met my tall husband to be I started my own "height competition". I tried to buy the tallest high heels to reach my husband's height. Well, I have never managed to win the competition and now I have given up on my mission at last.

Now our kids are the once that are getting most of the attention. People love mixed-race children.In fact some people believe they are the solution to racism. People comment on their hair and because there are more and more people who have mixed race children, grand-children, nieces and nephews they can be good chatting points.

Please comment below with any positive experiences you had in Nigeria.

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  1. I stumbled on your blog today which is your anniversary date. I wish you both happiness always

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  2. I stumbled upon your YouTube and I was inspirely impressed by how you painted the naijagirl picture

  3. I heard the same thing exactly about mixed couples and children being the solution to racism. I thought it was an interesting view. I'm in Nigeria with Igbo people right now.

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  5. Evrytin dis site na true-o! Well done. I’m exactly the opposite of you and your husband. I’m the white Canadian that married a Nigerian girl. Slight difference though, as I grew up in Naija ( in the far north east). My wife and I are tri- lingual. We can choose from English, French and Hausa and frequently switch languages in the same sentence. Many thanks for your site. Blessings on you and your family

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