1. They will always find you!

The first thing I learnt in Nigeria is that as a white person you cannot hide. People will always notice you no matter how hard you try to hide. Especially in areas where there are not so many white people which is understandable , isn't it?

2. Electricity Issue

Electricity supply can still be cut off in certain area of Nigeria, even during the day! But when it comes back on children would run around shouting NEPA NEPA! Even my kids started to do that after a while when we stayed in Nigeria.

3. Religion

Nigerians are super religious but in contrast to other part of the world Muslims and Christians can live together in peace.

4. Business

Nigerians are great at business! This comes mainly from the fact that unemployment is still super high in Nigeria and people NEED to do some form of business to survive.

5. Don't go shopping by yourself!

I noticed that as a white person you can only buy goods on the market for a premium price. You can of course  go to supermarkets instead where there are set prices. If you still decide to visit the market though make sure you bring someone with you  to negotiate a good price.

6. Hair styling with scissors

Local hairdressers cut out-sticking little hair off with scissors after styling. This wouldn't be a problem if you have a wig or weave in but in my case the lady was actually cutting some of my own hair to an inch lengths which I wasn't too happy about. :)

7. You are the wife of everyone !

In Nigerian culture you marrying into the family and other people can call you my wife as well. This is because they want to show you that they accepted you into the family.

8. People are using their mouth to call others on the street

This is a common form of getting attention in Lagos. In fact you cannot get much attention saying "Excuse me" etc.  Learn the trade and you will get by better.

9. Nigerians are great dancers

I am always amazed how many great dancers are in Nigeria. Even little kids can dance better than me. Not that I can dance anyways :D

And now if you want to watch the video instead of reading. You can check it out here:


Why I hawk in Nigeria? 
White girl goes to Nigeria and you cannot imagine what happens next
Can wite people live in Nigeria or any part of Africa?

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