This video is a response to a comment on my Youtube Channel.

Some people believe white people can never live in Nigeria. What's your take on it? Please comment below?

I would love to live in Nigeria, however, I do agree that certain things make it difficult for a white person to live in the country. In this video, I mentioned the heat and even the attention that a white person gets. What I did leave out though are the security issues. I remember when I wanted to walk home from church because I didn't feel well and my husband disagreed. He said I should be careful walking on the street by myself on the mainland.

Security can be quite expensive in Nigeria. And even a soldier by your side cannot guarantee of safety too because not a single of them will risk their lives to protect you for your £50.

I love Nigeria and I would love to live there but I would struggle with thinking of security all times. I am not saying that whites get killed in Nigeria but as far as I have heard it is not safe to be walking alone as a white person in busy areas.

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