Curly / Afro / Biracial / Mixed race hair care with WNG and Gege from Glamgorgeoushair

It is not a secret that I've been struggling to take care of my children's hair and I literally had no knowledge about afro and curly haircare. So it wasn't an unexpected surprise that I choose haircare as one of my Facebook live shows topic.

You can watch the live recorded video below to find out the following topics:

1. Why does curly hair tangle?
2. What are the necessary tools and products you need to have at home?
We are also showing different type of combs and brushes.
3.How to prevent the hair from tangling?
4. How to detangle the hair?
5. What type of oil to use?
6. Are texturisers bad for the hair?
7. Funniest comment on the show about, Donald Trump, the President of USA

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This is the 2nd part of WNG hair care interview with Gege from Glamgorgeoushair

This video was recorded and filmed by MAGNUM N3 PRODUCTIONS LTD. owned by White Naija Girl's husband.

In this video we cover the following topics:

...learning Pidgin English :)

1. How to nourish our hair from inside?
2. How to nourish our hair from outside? .
3.Deep conditioning
4. Pre- shampooing
5. How to take care of our scalp?

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I hope to see you there!

Guest: Gege from Glamgorgeoushair: Twitter @glamgorgeoushair
Instagram : @glamgorgeoushair

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