I love so many things about Nigerian culture but two things that stand out for me, music and fashion. Nigerian music is already a massive export to the west. The fashion, on the other hand, is very happy and colourful most of the time.  The truth is that after visiting Nigeria twice within a few months, I’m totally in love with the fashion and I am loving it. Thanks to my mother in law, I’m a big fashionista when it comes to Nigerian couture. I now own over 20 outfits and numerous head wears. My quest now is to get other beautiful European sisters to start wearing these beautiful outfits. I just finished a fashion shoot with 5 beautiful European ladies wearing my collection. If I can get 5 ladies who have never tried Nigeria outfits on to wear it, I’m sure I can convince thousands more. It’s a big journey, but you know that I, White Naija Girl never shies away from a challenge. Bring it on!

Please follow me on Instagram as @whitenaijagirl  
Photography by @MagnumN3
Jewellery by @awhafaco
Styling by @Julialurenzjl 
MUA: @sarah_sfxx
MUA @oliviareynoldsmakeup        
Models @hotheels90 @nattibohbear @hinalkaravadra


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