Traveling through the heart of Lagos meant catching the LagBus from Berger. Tickets were bought, seats were sought and the traffic was light. We settled down to our hour long journey to Tafawa Balewa Square popularly known as TBS. The other commuters chattered away and aside from the occasional glances at the white skin, the journey was smooth and without much incident. Of course, there were lots of things to feed the eye as the bus lumbered along. Stories have it that the previous bus system was absolutely chaotic - thankfully the Lagbus is a step in the right direction. One can only but wonder what experience the Molue buses would have offered. Well, one must pass on that experience, this experience, I think, is much better.

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  1. Glad to know your experience with lagbus was somewhat good. I'd have loved to read more about it; the bus, the different people on it and the journey. Hoping to see more of your work in future.