Hi NIKI TALL, thank you for letting this exclusive interview ! I won't waste any time I have a a challenge for you with my first question.

If I met you in an elevator and asked you what you do what would you say? Bear in mind that I only travel one floor up and have 15 seconds to listen to you :)

"I am NIKI TALL aka Oyinbo boy. I am a Greek-German musician, I grew up in Germany and my biggest dream is to become the first self-made Oyinbo boy in the Nigerian music industry.....I hope this was short enough :)"

First of all tell us how can a Greek-German musician fall in love with Nigerian music? How did that happen?

"I was a musician before.It is not like Nigerian music made me a musician. By 16 I have joined the night-life and started to go to clubs. That's how I met two Nigerian DJs and they quickly became my good friend of mine. They were the once introduced me Nigerian music. Pus at the same time I had a Nigerian girlfriend. So those things together made me make Nigerian music. So that's how it happened."

I've read online that you are planning to collaborate with Nigerian artistes soon? Tell us about these collaborations. Where can we see you anytime soon?

"Yes, I am definitely planning to collaborate with Nigerian artistes. I have contacted a lot of Nigerian artistes . I have just released a single and I am going to release another single with an Ivoiran artist because I don't want to focus on only Nigerian music.

 But with Nigerian artistes I have plans o wirk with 9ice and Bracket...those are the once I spoke with already and they agreed to work with me for sure. 

And Terry G and MC Galaxy he is my guy , too.
By God's grace they get addicted to my music and they will set out for me, and I don't have to set out for them. "

I always like finishing my interviews with something funny.:) What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in your entire life?

"Embarrassing moments are always relative. But to answer to your question maybe my first private experience was definitely an embarrassing moment....Yeah"

Thanks for your time NIKI TALL. I wish you all the best in your career. Do you have any message to your fans as we finish the interview today?

"First of all I don't like the word fans. I call my followers #talltastics because we are growing tall day by day and we are fantastic together. Because they are there always. And THANK YOU. That's all. Keep supporting Nikitall."

Check out Niki Talk -  Olamide cover. AMAZING!!!

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