Having a baby changes your life for sure. Being a wife of an African man I know I'll be having a few children - which I don't mind, don't get me wrong.

But despite of the sleepless nights you have to be there for your family: cook, wash and take care of your husband. Life is hectic enough as a mother and wife; who cares about exercise or counting calories.

But why is it that others lose weight while breastfeeding and you are still struggling.

Let me tell you why!

You have a bad habit. It might be that you don't like exercising or you like eating a large dish at night. Whatever it is but you enjoy this habit. How do I know? Trust me if you hate something you can easily change it. If you love it you will struggle.

The difficulty of losing weight lies in the fact that we love eating. We love eating fatty, sugary, starchy food. But don't worry there is some hope out there!

This is what you need to do:

1. Link pain to the type of foods that don't help your waist line.

When you look at cakes, sweets, chocolate this way it is easy to stop eating them. Actresses do this very well. They would not eat doughnut because they linked pain to being big on next magazine photo.

2. Make it a priority

Some people cannot lose weight because they don't prioritise weight loss at all. They just say things like "it would be nice to lose weight". Make it one of the most important things in your life and you will see result.

3. Be the person you want to be

My friend said she would love to be a dietitian and inspire people with her weigh loss. But since she still has a significant amount of weight to lose she doesn't believe herself enough.
If only she would believe she is already the dietitian she wants to be. :She would feel and behave like one. She could practise telling people what to eat and how to exercise by starting to talk to herself as her first client.

These are my tips on weight loss after birth. I hope it helps. God bless.

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  2. Am turkish and my boyfriend is nigerian(hausa) we have beein together almost 9 years. We are planing to marry soon but ı have many question in my head. Can ı be happy in Nigeria? Can ı use the life Style. Your husband is Yoruba and probably you know the difference Yoruba mans and hausa mans.. Pls Can u let us know about hausa people also? Thank u very much for everything.. You help me a lot����

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