This post is dedicated to one of my blog readers that has emailed me regarding this topic.
The way a met my husband is actually quite a nice story. It all started in 2011 when I have already spent 3 years in the UK trying to find my purpose in life as a single person. Life wasn't easy at the time and I even had to move away from my friends because of  a new job.

I had serious brainstorming occasionally about my career options as I have studied German and Dutch languages and now living in the Uk I had to use English every day. Teaching wasn't appealing to me anymore so I decided to start new things out as hobbies hoping to find my real calling.

One of my new hobbies became modelling that seemed to be an excellent socialising opportunity.  I began to get new jobs and opportunities for photo shoots. Every night I was browsing the internet to find new adventures. I was using sites like gumtree , starnow and twitter etc.

One night I have found a free opportunity to build model portfolio in Manchester. Even though it was a bit of travelling for me from Alderly Edge where I used to live; I was excited about meeting new people and of course building my model photo book.

So I met the photographer, my future husband and we have taken lovely photographs. I have noticed the photographer was exceptionally friendly and intelligent. I even gave him a nickname "googleboy" because he wanted to find out details about everything I said on the internet.

 As a final picture we have also taken a group photo. But there was something special about that photograph. : MY BODY LANGUAGE lol

I have kind of decided to lean towards my husband leaving the rest of the group almost out of the frame of the picture. My husband first thought it was a mistake and asked for retake.

We retook the photo but my body language didn't change. He grabbed the opportunity and made the first move. We started talking and we ended up going out that night. We have talked hours and hours about ourselves and made sure we have exchanged numbers.

The rest is history. All that talking and a few more meeting led to dating and in 2012 marriage. Today we are proud parents and continuously blessed people.