My Nigerian husband always encouraged me to carry our son on my back. To tell you the truth first I thought I'd rather just hold him so I can see him. Then he became bigger and heavier and of course I couln'd keep up. So I decided to give it a go. Across Africa women can be seen carrying sleeping or sometimes giggling babies on their backs, anyway. The babies move to the sway of their mothers' hips, synchronised throughout the day, bending with them as they collect water or sweep the floor and rising again when the women stop to rest.

My little experiment showed me straight away that my life will become much easier this way. My baby enjoyed being close to me and I got chance to do some housework as well. I think carrying my baby on my back strengthen the relationship between us. And recent studies show that babies who are carried develop the muscles for sitting, standing and walking sooner. This is because when a baby is carried, her body moves naturally with the movement of the parent, helping her to keep her muscular and cardiovascular systems active. They also found that babies who are carried have increased brain function over babies who lie down all day.

Babies who are carried, even for a few extra hours a day, become less clingy because they feel confident and secure, and surprisingly they often initiate separation from their mother sooner because their need to have comfort and closeness is met. Quite the opposite of being 'spoilt,' they are fulfilled.


This is a video I have made early in the morning. I look horrible. Sorry about


This interview was made on the "Ije love" - Tarrah music video shoot in Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester. I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with this lady and her daughter. She is a very talented lady and she choose our production company -MagnumN3- to make two of her musiv videos. Watch out for this lady.

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This video has been made on Norbury farm in Stockport, UK. I, White Naija Girl has been the primer producer on the Tarrah, Ije love musiv vdeo project and made this location available. The farm provided a delightful, relaxed county atmosphere, but we still had sime challenges....:)

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This video has been mad a couple of days ago on a music video shoot. My dear friend Naija Oyinbo has entertained my little boy Kornelius. Lovely to see them getting on well. God bless you all.


There are untapped small scale business opportunities in every industry all over the world , however my husband as a Nigerian man believes that one of the best places to invest and build business is Nigeria. Nigeria is a developing country and one of the best places to invest is a developing environment.


Apart from investing in land there is a lot of potential in the country.In this post I  just want to give you an insight in some of the opportunities.

As regularly researching people we found out that one of the fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria is catfish farming. This is an emerging industry that hasn't reached its peak or full potential yet.

Snail and poultry farming is also an under exploited money - maker for obvious reasons.  Food is one of the basic necessities of man. Two is that the population in Nigeria is estimated to be 150 million and it's still growing.


Since 2000, Forever Living Products Nigeria has continually delivered its twin promise of better health and financial freedom to millions of Nigerians, making it the foremost multilevel marketing Company in Nigeria. Our network of distributors is dedicated to bringing nature’s best health and beauty products closer to everyone.

Contact me to find out more about this business opportunity.I am currently recruiting new team members into my health business in Nigeria.

Internet cafe

Apart from agricultural industry the demand to stay connected to the rest of the world is rapidly on the increase , however , the cost of internet connection is still quite expensive in Nigeria, therefore making Cyber cafe is a alternative for internet users and an investment opportunity for entrepreneurs.


As a good Yoruba person, my husband believe in education. As he says education holds a strong potential in all level. 

However not everyone loves being educated within four walls of school. 
Some prefer quick coaching at a seminar company or training center.  Training centers, educational centers and tutorial centers are another fast growing business opportunity in Nigeria.


The last but not the least fastest growing business opportunity - that my husband and I see potential in - is alternative power supply in Nigeria. Solar energy, wind energy and bio energy are some of the alternative power supply system that are currently making waves in the country.

All the business opportunities listed above are purely based on my husband's and my research and I recommend you to do your own feasibility study before investing a dime in any of these business opportunities.

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Today I'd like to write about Naming Customs of the Yoruba. My husband is of that tribe and when my son was born we followed the Yoruba naming traditions. First of all we didn't tell anyone the new arrival's name until the naming ceremony.

In my culture the first thing that everyone wants to know when you are pregnant is what your baby will be called?
So following the Yoruba customs we didn't tell the name anybody not even my mum.

The naming ceremony is done on the eigth day, i.e. if child was born on wednesday in one week, it is done on Wednesday the next week.

The cultural area that’s most interesting to me is the actual naming of the child. Apart from the fact that the child can have unlimited amount of names the name of a child in Yorubaland carries a special meaning that depends on circumstances surrounding its birth. The male child was born soon after the death of the father or grandfather may be called Babatunde ( it means the father has come back).The female child born after the death of her grandmother may be called Yetunde. The firstborn of twins is called Taiwo. The other is called Kehinde.

When we were looking for baby names I had to realise how important their meanings were to my husband.

Actually we once agreed on Kornel (longer form Kornelius or Cornelius) but because of its meaning he wanted us to change the name. At that time I was already attached to it and I was very upset about the decision. I didn't want to change. I even cried a half day because of this. And then something miraculous happened. My old nursery teacher sent a friends request on Facebook to my husband and "liked" many of his pictures. Her name is Patko Kornelne. You have to know that in Hungary many women after marriage become known by their husbands' names, e.g. Szendrey Julia, marrying Petofi Sandor, becomes Petőfi Sándorné (the -né suffix approximately means "wife of", this is the Hungarian equivalent of "Mrs. John Smith").

Consequently my old nursery teacher is married to someone called Patko Kornel. My husband thought I sent an email to my former teacher. But the truth is that I haven't spoken to her for 20 years.

My husband said "OK. If this is the name we have to choose I need another sign".....
At night we used to always read "the Bible verse of the day" on an online Bible website. And something miraculous happened again on that day. The verse that we were advised to read was Acts 10 with Cornelius , the Roman army officer.

My husband was very convinced that we got two messages from God on that day and we named our son Kornelius.

The moral of our story is that God always knows what is the best name for your child and we still had the chance to give another 10 names to him later anyway.

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