This is a NO NO topic. I don't even know how to start. Especially because I know my mother in law reads my blog. Sorry ma' lol

I really wanted to write about this topic as well on my blog because there are general misunderstandings in this topic; mainly because in African culture people rarely talk about this.

First of all, sex in NOT EVIL when it happens in marriage. It is an act that we have been given by God as a way of expressing our feelings and love towards our spouse. It is important to keep our marriage healthy in all areas of our life, even in our bedroom.

Sometimes married couple tend to forget about this God given pleasure when life gets too fast and -as we know- Nigerian men are high achievers.
We tend to become busy with work, children and hustling for money. Sometimes we even fast of sex as a way of achieving things. STOP.

Research shows that infrequent sex life can lead to serious marital issues and that can affect all areas of our life. The best way of treating bedroom issues is to try to become happier and healthier. I wrote about this previously -read it here-.

It is also worth to take care of yourself inside out. You need high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients for many functions in the body, including sexual and fertility functions.

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