First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY my dear husband!

This is the day when we can celebrate the great values that Nigerian fathers are instilling in their children.

There are great values in Nigerian upbringing such as pushing for good education. Education is one thing my husband never compromises upon. My husband has selected my son's nursery very carefully. Read about that here.

And of course the love of Bible is one of the best values my husband is encouraging my son to achieve.

There are little hiccups, though. Sorry my dear :)

When my son was born my husband tried to create a "man-God" relationship between him and his offspring. I was furious at first because this is a difficult thing to see as a mother. I mean at the end of the day my son was a baby at the time and my husband is a 6ft 3" giant. I am not against my husband being a strict disciplinarian because I think children need to grow up as respectful human beings but there is a border in this ...enough said.

So we had to talk about it and we did. We had to find a balance between Godliness and Fatherhood. Now I can tell my son really respect his father but he's not scared of him.

Nigerian fathers would also always make sure their children eat well and keep healthy all year round. There are several African remedies my husband uses and he also gives my children natural Vitamins that supports overall health. You can read about that here.

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