Have you ever felt like you knew there is more out there for you? Have you ever heard a little voice telling you you will make it in life?....but you couldn't see anything just yet...

This is how entrepreneurship is, especially if you are an artist. I am not an artist myself but my husband is. He is a filmmaker, photographer working mainly as a freelancer.

I have always envied people who knew what they need to pursue in life and went for it. Even if money doesn't flow evenly.

J. K. Rowling for example struggled for years before she got famous with Harry Potter. At some point she was clinically depressed because of living in poverty as a single mother in Edinburgh.

As an artist you just have to keep working and believing yourself that the day will come when people will recognise your name in the industry. And your family need to be extremely patient during the process as we all know how important emotional support is.

If you are married to one of those Nigerians who has the proper business blood you know what I mean. You have to be patient and believe. I believe that my husband is an extremely talented artist with great attitude. He is friendly and intelligent and brilliant at networking. I am looking forward to the time when I will see his name on television.

I know the time is fast approaching....

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