After the initial excitement and romance fade away married people soon realise they need to learn about each other's culture if they want to make things work.

Married to an African men I had to learn a lot of things in my married life that help me today. I have created this list for you to help you prepare before you get into your interracial marriage:

1. Most Nigerian men are dominant in the relationship. They don't like being challenged. So make your husband feel like he made the decision - even if that's not always the case lol

2. African men don't joke with religion. E.g.: if you say something like "I will die if I don't eat ice cream" they would say something like "don't confess your future with your mouth".....

3. Keep in mind. You are marrying the family not just your husband. So get ready to speak to your mother in law more often than your mum.- sorry mum

4. You need to respect elderly. In most African families they expect the "new wife" to greet older family member in the "proper way". That includes in most cases kneeling down when greeting.

5. African men needs African food. Thank God we have Youtube! It is possible for anybody to learn to cook African dishes and to be fair even European wives need to learn to cook these dishes since African men wouldn't go for long without e.g. egusi.

6. You need to become an entrepreneur. Nigerians are extremely fond of entrepreneurship. This is mainly because of the lack of jobs available on the market in their home country. In Nigeria every second person is trying to sell something and they will encourage others to do the same.
If you are married to one of these go-getters you need to start a business.

7. You will start speaking with your body. African people love using their hands and upper body to express themselves. Watch out. You will do the same soon.

8. Encouraging proper education. Most Nigerian parents know at an early age what their child will become as an adult. There is nothing wrong with helping your child to achieve great things in life but most babies barely know their name not that they will become doctors.

9. Discipline is very important. A typical African men would not let their children hang around after school on the street, at least not during term time. If child need discipline he will learn the African way.

10. And finally Sex is still the unspoken taboo that nobody dared to mention in most African culture. They think about it; they are doing it but they don't talk about it.


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