I had the honour to meet Oyinbo Princess at My Green Gene event who speaks pidgin fluently, even better than some Nigerians also writes in pidgin despite she doesn’t live in Nigeria .

I am always pleased to meet oyinbo sisters as there are not many around. But Oyinbo Princess is my favourite because the love for Nigeria – and Nigerians – is evident in her voice. Oyinbo Princess is a typical British girl – born, raised and cultured in the UK. Both of her parents are British and she has no mix in her blood. She enjoys theatre and acting and she is also a comedian. I'm sure we will see a lot of her as she is currently working with Ben TV and several radio shows.

We love you loads Oyinbo Princess!

Please watch my interview with Oyinbo Princess but before that you should watch her video that has gone viral all over the internet , it’s titled “Omo See Yarnsh”


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