Finally here!

I have been to Nigeria for this music video and finally it is here for you to watch, share and comment on Youtube !

I really enjoyed myself as I got to wear a lovely traditional attire and gele. Ola is a fantastic gospel singer and I feel very honoured to have worked with her.

If you are an artistes looking to shoot a music video or you just simply need a professional promotional film for your business please contact me on social media or via email - SOCIAL MEDIA PREFERRED 

Please click on the sign below to watch video now. I hope you will like it! Enjoy.

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I wish you a very happy December!

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Dear reader,

You might have read my previous post about music industry and the struggle some Nigerian artists need to go through to get noticed….Recently I have received an anonymous letter about this situation and I thought it would be fantastic for other readers to hear about the real facts in the industry.

Enjoy! And thank you my anonymous reader.

“I am not claiming to be super famous, but my name is relatively big in
Nigeria, so I didn't wish to publicly comment on the post and be miss
quoted later in some interview, so thought I'd drop the comment by
e-mail and you can use the info as you wish.

You did touch on the right aspects when you mentioned marketing in the
industry and the lack of funding, as well as how popular you are.

You can Group Nigerian artists into two categories. Street artists and
non-street or Commercial. The street artists, are those who are very
well know on the streets, but not commercially until they blow.
Oritse-femi is a Perfect example of a street artist. He had a great
reputation for about ten years. Then came the collabo With D'Banj
"Double Wahala" and boom, he is big.

The non-street, or Commercial ones usually make it pretty quickly
because they're either Rich, or have good sponsors. In Nigeria there's
a saying that you need Money to make Money. And this is certainly true
in the Music industry, because the big radio and TV stations force you
to pay to have your stuff played.

And what artist won't have their song on HipTV, Soundcity or The Beat FM?

Looking at some of the top artists inn the industry today, I can tell
you from knowing them personally that they buy promo and spend
millions of Naira on it. They also buy visibility such as press
coverage, Facebook and youtube likes on a very large scale. They even
pre-pay to get nominated and win Music awards.

Not everyone does and there are honest artists out there. But personal
wealth, or being signed to a record label is everything.

Of course, when Your name is established enough, you don't need to
spend so much Money on Promo. Kind of Ironic. Rich Tiwa Savage gets
free airplay while up and coming somebody else has to drain their

Unfortunately, as with everything in Nigeria the Music industry is
corrupt. Though it is an exciting and vibrant industry I thank God to
be part of, this money draining aspect can sometimes be extremely
depressing. And on bad days, I ask myself whether talent plays a part
at all or if it's all about the Money.

There are also no such Things as royalty payments in Nigeria. so the
payment system goes one way. There is a small movement trying to
change these practices, but as one producer told me, when the likes of
P-Square and Davido are not in on changing everything, it's hard to
make it happen. Because if they removed their songs from the radio
stations, only New content would be played and the radio stations who
earn big Revenues from advertising would probably eventually start
paying these big legends to get them back on air.

I may be oversimplifying a little but I hope you get the general idea.

A Nigerian artist is lucky if he or she is a European or American
Nigerian. Because there are now increasing markets for African Music
in both Europe and America. So a way many artists are securing
royalties and more airplay outside Nigeria, is to register With
European and American Companies like BMI, etc for songwriting rights.
And a lot of the promo in the diaspora is much less about money and
more about connection. So And there's the supporting factors there's
not in Nigeria. So having one foot in Nigeria and one outside is the
best thing for any Nigerian artist who wants to succeed.

Piracy is also a huge problem in Nigeria and Africa in general. And
streaming services like spotify and Deezer, and buying Music on iTunes
isn't something everybody does. This is again where a Nigerian artist
has to grab the diaspora market. They love the streaming idea in
Nigeria though. I showed it to some People who were fascinated. And
they were Music Professionals, so let's hope it comes there.

I hope I haven't painted a too bad Picture. Or been boring you with
stuff you already know. The Music industry is tough anywhere, but in
Nigeria it's just that little bit harder. But I believe honesty and
hard work pays off in the long run. And if you make sure to put out
Music to the People, which often means free Music blogs, which doesn't
generate Income, then at least you may get loyal fans.”


This is a fantastic day. I have discovered that M.I. is following me on twitter!!!!!!!
I am so happy that I have decided to write about him, and maybe educate some people out there who this excellent Nigerian artist is. Enjoy.

M.I's role in the music industry cannot be overstated. He has been responsible for bringing out many upcoming artistes such as Wizkid, Vypa, Jesse Jagz, Ruby, Pype, Ice Prince and the latest is Brymo. He has been described by many Nigerian hip hop fans as Nigeria's "Hip Hop Messiah".

MI has done a lot to bring a Northern presence to the Nigerian music industry, he depicts the perfect example of bringing Nigeria together. His music is conscious; therefore he is a leader in many ways to the youth of Nigeria. He is the founder of Loopy Records, and he is signed to Chocolate City.

 M.I produces with Chocolate City, and has produced albums and songs for his labelmates. The most notable of these being in 2011 when he produced two songs off Ice Prince's album Everybody Loves Ice Prince.

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I really appreciate all my readers and fans, relatives and friends. Without you I would have never gotten the opportunity to have my own radio show. God bless you as you listen every Friday between 2-3 pm. PEACE & JOY RADIO, Manchester

Please follow to link to listen to the online RADIO :

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As a Radio presenter I have the honour to talk to upcoming Nigerian artists, singers sometimes even work with them on music videos. However there are certain questions that come to my mind over and over again.Why is it that some music gets massive airplay, while some artistes who are really good never gets their songs heard?

Why do some artistes "blow" while others who are equally talented never make it big?
I have always wondered about the real answers to these questions. Have you?

I think art is just one part of success, marketing is the second aspect.

People will accept an artist how he’s marketed. The art is just one part of it; the marketing is the second aspect. It’s 50-50. Without marketing it’s really difficult to impress the audience. This is because of the way the industry is set up. There is no structure so it’s about who can get the most attention. That’s why some new artistes who are talented don’t get enough recognition no matter how good they are. Promotion plays a major part, and a lack of funds hinders the spread of good music.

I have the privilege to help upcoming artists to get heard. If you are one of those let's talk.

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Having a baby changes your life for sure. Being a wife of an African man I know I'll be having a few children - which I don't mind, don't get me wrong.

But despite of the sleepless nights you have to be there for your family: cook, wash and take care of your husband. Life is hectic enough as a mother and wife; who cares about exercise or counting calories.

But why is it that others lose weight while breastfeeding and you are still struggling.

Let me tell you why!

You have a bad habit. It might be that you don't like exercising or you like eating a large dish at night. Whatever it is but you enjoy this habit. How do I know? Trust me if you hate something you can easily change it. If you love it you will struggle.

The difficulty of losing weight lies in the fact that we love eating. We love eating fatty, sugary, starchy food. But don't worry there is some hope out there!

This is what you need to do:

1. Link pain to the type of foods that don't help your waist line.

When you look at cakes, sweets, chocolate this way it is easy to stop eating them. Actresses do this very well. They would not eat doughnut because they linked pain to being big on next magazine photo.

2. Make it a priority

Some people cannot lose weight because they don't prioritise weight loss at all. They just say things like "it would be nice to lose weight". Make it one of the most important things in your life and you will see result.

3. Be the person you want to be

My friend said she would love to be a dietitian and inspire people with her weigh loss. But since she still has a significant amount of weight to lose she doesn't believe herself enough.
If only she would believe she is already the dietitian she wants to be. :She would feel and behave like one. She could practise telling people what to eat and how to exercise by starting to talk to herself as her first client.

These are my tips on weight loss after birth. I hope it helps. God bless.

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This post is dedicated to one of my blog readers that has emailed me regarding this topic.
The way a met my husband is actually quite a nice story. It all started in 2011 when I have already spent 3 years in the UK trying to find my purpose in life as a single person. Life wasn't easy at the time and I even had to move away from my friends because of  a new job.

I had serious brainstorming occasionally about my career options as I have studied German and Dutch languages and now living in the Uk I had to use English every day. Teaching wasn't appealing to me anymore so I decided to start new things out as hobbies hoping to find my real calling.

One of my new hobbies became modelling that seemed to be an excellent socialising opportunity.  I began to get new jobs and opportunities for photo shoots. Every night I was browsing the internet to find new adventures. I was using sites like gumtree , starnow and twitter etc.

One night I have found a free opportunity to build model portfolio in Manchester. Even though it was a bit of travelling for me from Alderly Edge where I used to live; I was excited about meeting new people and of course building my model photo book.

So I met the photographer, my future husband and we have taken lovely photographs. I have noticed the photographer was exceptionally friendly and intelligent. I even gave him a nickname "googleboy" because he wanted to find out details about everything I said on the internet.

 As a final picture we have also taken a group photo. But there was something special about that photograph. : MY BODY LANGUAGE lol

I have kind of decided to lean towards my husband leaving the rest of the group almost out of the frame of the picture. My husband first thought it was a mistake and asked for retake.

We retook the photo but my body language didn't change. He grabbed the opportunity and made the first move. We started talking and we ended up going out that night. We have talked hours and hours about ourselves and made sure we have exchanged numbers.

The rest is history. All that talking and a few more meeting led to dating and in 2012 marriage. Today we are proud parents and continuously blessed people.


My Nigerian husband always encouraged me to carry our son on my back. To tell you the truth first I thought I'd rather just hold him so I can see him. Then he became bigger and heavier and of course I couln'd keep up. So I decided to give it a go. Across Africa women can be seen carrying sleeping or sometimes giggling babies on their backs, anyway. The babies move to the sway of their mothers' hips, synchronised throughout the day, bending with them as they collect water or sweep the floor and rising again when the women stop to rest.

My little experiment showed me straight away that my life will become much easier this way. My baby enjoyed being close to me and I got chance to do some housework as well. I think carrying my baby on my back strengthen the relationship between us. And recent studies show that babies who are carried develop the muscles for sitting, standing and walking sooner. This is because when a baby is carried, her body moves naturally with the movement of the parent, helping her to keep her muscular and cardiovascular systems active. They also found that babies who are carried have increased brain function over babies who lie down all day.

Babies who are carried, even for a few extra hours a day, become less clingy because they feel confident and secure, and surprisingly they often initiate separation from their mother sooner because their need to have comfort and closeness is met. Quite the opposite of being 'spoilt,' they are fulfilled.


This is a video I have made early in the morning. I look horrible. Sorry about that...lol


This interview was made on the "Ije love" - Tarrah music video shoot in Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester. I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with this lady and her daughter. She is a very talented lady and she choose our production company -MagnumN3- to make two of her musiv videos. Watch out for this lady.

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This video has been made on Norbury farm in Stockport, UK. I, White Naija Girl has been the primer producer on the Tarrah, Ije love musiv vdeo project and made this location available. The farm provided a delightful, relaxed county atmosphere, but we still had sime challenges....:)

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This video has been mad a couple of days ago on a music video shoot. My dear friend Naija Oyinbo has entertained my little boy Kornelius. Lovely to see them getting on well. God bless you all.


There are untapped small scale business opportunities in every industry all over the world , however my husband as a Nigerian man believes that one of the best places to invest and build business is Nigeria. Nigeria is a developing country and one of the best places to invest is a developing environment.


Apart from investing in land there is a lot of potential in the country.In this post I  just want to give you an insight in some of the opportunities.

As regularly researching people we found out that one of the fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria is catfish farming. This is an emerging industry that hasn't reached its peak or full potential yet.

Snail and poultry farming is also an under exploited money - maker for obvious reasons.  Food is one of the basic necessities of man. Two is that the population in Nigeria is estimated to be 150 million and it's still growing.


Since 2000, Forever Living Products Nigeria has continually delivered its twin promise of better health and financial freedom to millions of Nigerians, making it the foremost multilevel marketing Company in Nigeria. Our network of distributors is dedicated to bringing nature’s best health and beauty products closer to everyone.

Contact me to find out more about this business opportunity.I am currently recruiting new team members into my health business in Nigeria.

Internet cafe

Apart from agricultural industry the demand to stay connected to the rest of the world is rapidly on the increase , however , the cost of internet connection is still quite expensive in Nigeria, therefore making Cyber cafe is a alternative for internet users and an investment opportunity for entrepreneurs.


As a good Yoruba person, my husband believe in education. As he says education holds a strong potential in all level. 

However not everyone loves being educated within four walls of school. 
Some prefer quick coaching at a seminar company or training center.  Training centers, educational centers and tutorial centers are another fast growing business opportunity in Nigeria.


The last but not the least fastest growing business opportunity - that my husband and I see potential in - is alternative power supply in Nigeria. Solar energy, wind energy and bio energy are some of the alternative power supply system that are currently making waves in the country.

All the business opportunities listed above are purely based on my husband's and my research and I recommend you to do your own feasibility study before investing a dime in any of these business opportunities.

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Today I'd like to write about Naming Customs of the Yoruba. My husband is of that tribe and when my son was born we followed the Yoruba naming traditions. First of all we didn't tell anyone the new arrival's name until the naming ceremony.

In my culture the first thing that everyone wants to know when you are pregnant is what your baby will be called?
So following the Yoruba customs we didn't tell the name anybody not even my mum.

The naming ceremony is done on the eigth day, i.e. if child was born on wednesday in one week, it is done on Wednesday the next week.

The cultural area that’s most interesting to me is the actual naming of the child. Apart from the fact that the child can have unlimited amount of names the name of a child in Yorubaland carries a special meaning that depends on circumstances surrounding its birth. The male child was born soon after the death of the father or grandfather may be called Babatunde ( it means the father has come back).The female child born after the death of her grandmother may be called Yetunde. The firstborn of twins is called Taiwo. The other is called Kehinde.

When we were looking for baby names I had to realise how important their meanings were to my husband.

Actually we once agreed on Kornel (longer form Kornelius or Cornelius) but because of its meaning he wanted us to change the name. At that time I was already attached to it and I was very upset about the decision. I didn't want to change. I even cried a half day because of this. And then something miraculous happened. My old nursery teacher sent a friends request on Facebook to my husband and "liked" many of his pictures. Her name is Patko Kornelne. You have to know that in Hungary many women after marriage become known by their husbands' names, e.g. Szendrey Julia, marrying Petofi Sandor, becomes Petőfi Sándorné (the -né suffix approximately means "wife of", this is the Hungarian equivalent of "Mrs. John Smith").

Consequently my old nursery teacher is married to someone called Patko Kornel. My husband thought I sent an email to my former teacher. But the truth is that I haven't spoken to her for 20 years.

My husband said "OK. If this is the name we have to choose I need another sign".....
At night we used to always read "the Bible verse of the day" on an online Bible website. And something miraculous happened again on that day. The verse that we were advised to read was Acts 10 with Cornelius , the Roman army officer.

My husband was very convinced that we got two messages from God on that day and we named our son Kornelius.

The moral of our story is that God always knows what is the best name for your child and we still had the chance to give another 10 names to him later anyway.

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If you want to read more inspiring stories e.g. how I found my career path click here


After the initial excitement and romance fade away married people soon realise they need to learn about each other's culture if they want to make things work.

Married to an African men I had to learn a lot of things in my married life that help me today. I have created this list for you to help you prepare before you get into your interracial marriage:

1. Most Nigerian men are dominant in the relationship. They don't like being challenged. So make your husband feel like he made the decision - even if that's not always the case lol

2. African men don't joke with religion. E.g.: if you say something like "I will die if I don't eat ice cream" they would say something like "don't confess your future with your mouth".....

3. Keep in mind. You are marrying the family not just your husband. So get ready to speak to your mother in law more often than your mum.- sorry mum

4. You need to respect elderly. In most African families they expect the "new wife" to greet older family member in the "proper way". That includes in most cases kneeling down when greeting.

5. African men needs African food. Thank God we have Youtube! It is possible for anybody to learn to cook African dishes and to be fair even European wives need to learn to cook these dishes since African men wouldn't go for long without e.g. egusi.

6. You need to become an entrepreneur. Nigerians are extremely fond of entrepreneurship. This is mainly because of the lack of jobs available on the market in their home country. In Nigeria every second person is trying to sell something and they will encourage others to do the same.
If you are married to one of these go-getters you need to start a business.

7. You will start speaking with your body. African people love using their hands and upper body to express themselves. Watch out. You will do the same soon.

8. Encouraging proper education. Most Nigerian parents know at an early age what their child will become as an adult. There is nothing wrong with helping your child to achieve great things in life but most babies barely know their name not that they will become doctors.

9. Discipline is very important. A typical African men would not let their children hang around after school on the street, at least not during term time. If child need discipline he will learn the African way.

10. And finally Sex is still the unspoken taboo that nobody dared to mention in most African culture. They think about it; they are doing it but they don't talk about it.


This is a NO NO topic. I don't even know how to start. Especially because I know my mother in law reads my blog. Sorry ma' lol

I really wanted to write about this topic as well on my blog because there are general misunderstandings in this topic; mainly because in African culture people rarely talk about this.

First of all, sex in NOT EVIL when it happens in marriage. It is an act that we have been given by God as a way of expressing our feelings and love towards our spouse. It is important to keep our marriage healthy in all areas of our life, even in our bedroom.

Sometimes married couple tend to forget about this God given pleasure when life gets too fast and -as we know- Nigerian men are high achievers.
We tend to become busy with work, children and hustling for money. Sometimes we even fast of sex as a way of achieving things. STOP.

Research shows that infrequent sex life can lead to serious marital issues and that can affect all areas of our life. The best way of treating bedroom issues is to try to become happier and healthier. I wrote about this previously -read it here-.

It is also worth to take care of yourself inside out. You need high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients for many functions in the body, including sexual and fertility functions.

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I had the honour to meet Oyinbo Princess at My Green Gene event who speaks pidgin fluently, even better than some Nigerians also writes in pidgin despite she doesn’t live in Nigeria .

I am always pleased to meet oyinbo sisters as there are not many around. But Oyinbo Princess is my favourite because the love for Nigeria – and Nigerians – is evident in her voice. Oyinbo Princess is a typical British girl – born, raised and cultured in the UK. Both of her parents are British and she has no mix in her blood. She enjoys theatre and acting and she is also a comedian. I'm sure we will see a lot of her as she is currently working with Ben TV and several radio shows.

We love you loads Oyinbo Princess!

Please watch my interview with Oyinbo Princess but before that you should watch her video that has gone viral all over the internet , it’s titled “Omo See Yarnsh”


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At the beginning of our relationship with my husband I had honestly no clue how important it is to greet elders "well". I remember when I first met my husband's grandma I was sweating like a pig ; not that I will remember anything I've been taught to do.

Now after almost three years of marriage I am much better, I am not as frightened and I am comfortable with kneeling down for elderly. I actually really enjoy that I know what to do. And I feel for other white girls who don't.

Anyway, if there is one lesson you need to take from this. PLEASE don't walk up to a Yoruba elder and shake their hand. That is extremely rude and embarrassing.
Make sure you respect your husband's family just as you respect your parents. Trust me it will pay off.

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This blog post is dedicated to my friend that asked my advice on how to keep Nigerian husband -or any husband- interested in a relationship.

A lot of people think that African men like bigger ladies. This not true or maybe partly. It really depends on your man. Some man like skinny chicks , some don't.

However, there are a few things that all Naija wives can do to keep their men interested:

First of all you want your man to be attracted to you for ever. You need to package yourself well. How do you do that? I'm sure all women know the power of dressing beautifully, smelling nicely, talking gently. Your man will go crazy if you do that. But this is just part of the story.

A lot of women change once they got married; they feel they arrived , they achieved what their parents wanted them to achieve for a long time. They have a nice husband that loves them. The only thing they forget is that their husband fell in love with them because of the way they behaved , looked and treated them during dating.

The same way they fell in love with you for this reason they can fall out for the opposite. If you stop looking after yourself and you don't treat your husband well he won't be happy.

I had to realise that keeping fit and slim is extremely important in our marriage. It makes my husband feeling proud to be married to me and of course it makes me happier , too. I always make sure to eat healthy enough fruits and vegetables and if I need to I go through a 9 days cleansing programme to feel better I do that with a smile on my face. Read about the cleansing programme here.

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First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY my dear husband!

This is the day when we can celebrate the great values that Nigerian fathers are instilling in their children.

There are great values in Nigerian upbringing such as pushing for good education. Education is one thing my husband never compromises upon. My husband has selected my son's nursery very carefully. Read about that here.

And of course the love of Bible is one of the best values my husband is encouraging my son to achieve.

There are little hiccups, though. Sorry my dear :)

When my son was born my husband tried to create a "man-God" relationship between him and his offspring. I was furious at first because this is a difficult thing to see as a mother. I mean at the end of the day my son was a baby at the time and my husband is a 6ft 3" giant. I am not against my husband being a strict disciplinarian because I think children need to grow up as respectful human beings but there is a border in this ...enough said.

So we had to talk about it and we did. We had to find a balance between Godliness and Fatherhood. Now I can tell my son really respect his father but he's not scared of him.

Nigerian fathers would also always make sure their children eat well and keep healthy all year round. There are several African remedies my husband uses and he also gives my children natural Vitamins that supports overall health. You can read about that here.

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The above video is made by MagnumN3 Productions, Manchester. I, White Naija Girl is starring the short film with my son. I hope you will like it as we worked really hard to make this happen. Special thanks to my sister in law Temitope Job for the make up and my husband Olugbenga Afolabi for the video.

In order to make these films I need to make sure to keep my skin healthy and glowing. I only use natural product such as Aloe Cleanser, Sonya Eye Makeup Remover and Recovering Night Creme.
Read more about these in my shop.

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Having my children is  one is the best thing ever happened to me. My first child's name is Kornelius and even his name was a gift of God. He made me the person I am today and he made me even White Naija Girl. He made me interested in African culture and become a  role model for some interracial families.

He is an active child. he makes me really busy and fit and I can not complain about that. I have definitely lost my baby weight. quickly after birth. Especially because that was the time when I was also  introduced to the Forever C9 programme. Read more about that here.

But of course  motherhood has its disadvantages as well. E.g. last night I felt very upset when I've been told that I cannot attend an event because I coudln't  find child care. I had the same feeling when we worked out how much we spent on baby sitter when we had to travelled  last year. Sometimes I feel like my whole life is around dirty nappies and bad eyes in the supermarket because my child is screaming for biscuits.
This is something I have not known of when I was planning to become a mum.
Restrictions! Too many restrictions!

I'm not saying children are not blessings but sometimes I would like to have less restrictions and more fun.

I found this song on the Internet that tells it all. Enjoy.
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Studying in Hungary as a teenager I was "forced " to learn two international languages in Secondary Grammar school. I have studied German and English but surprisingly I wasn't great at English. I preferred speaking and studying German as I love the structure in the language. English is a bit "too free" for me. They are not as many grammatical rules as in German and "we just have to say it like that "- said my English teacher a lot.

So I ended up going to uni and studying German and Dutch as my main subjects. To demonstrate how unpredictable life is I relocated to England straight after uni. It is only just recently that I have started thinking about practising my German a bit more and giving back a bit.

As a result I started to teach my children and their cousin a few German nursery rhymes. It wasn't too long after this that my son's nursery manager -who is also from Nigeria- became interested in the German lessons. Now I teach German weekly in Littleways Day Nursery, Levenshulme Manchester and I can proudly say that I am giving back ..

I also have to say that this nursery is really a fantastic place for children. You might know that I value healthy lifestyle a lot. I always make sure my children eat well and their brain and body gets enough exercise. In this nursery children are always occupied and they always get the most nutricious meals.
All I do is just supplement this with Forever multivitamins and I love the peace of mind. Contact me for more details here 


Being pregnant is a wonderful experience and if you are married to a Nigerian man you will have a few pregnancies in your life...lol

Keeping fit during pregnancy is very important because you need to be strong enough get on with life especially in the last semester of your pregnancy. There are different ways of make yourself strong inside out. This is what you can do.

During the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy, all the child’s vital organs are formed., so we should focus on curing any ongoing infections.

Later on in the second trimester it is extremely important to avoid nutrient deficiencies. My friend who is a doctor recommended me to drink Aloe Vera Gel and consuming Nature-Min daily that apparently is proved to be very beneficial when dealing with nutrient deficiencies. First I was sceptical a bit but I gave it a try and I have to say, this is probably the best investment you can make in you pregnancy. - Contact me for more details here.

The scary thing about this period is that everything now depends on the mother’s diet, which should be normal with just a few possible modifications. First and foremost, meals should be varied and should include something from each of the food groups in order to ensure the consumption of all essential nutrients. Meals may also be enriched with additional portions of protein, fruits and vegetables. During the later stages of the pregnancy, meals should be smaller and more frequent. This can help us avoid heartburn, painful bloating and intestinal colic.

Exercise is also important. However, please note: heavy weights shouldn't be used when pregnant, because you could end up hurting yourself and your baby. Try to do 3 sets of exercises with 15 reps each. Rest periods should be quite short. Keep rest periods between 2 to 3 minutes.

My training program included light weight training along with cardio. I've included all the major body parts, except for the abdominals and the lower back muscles. I don't think it's safe to train these two muscle groups when pregnant.
Another thing that is important to mention is that a lot of pregnant women have is back pain. This is mainly because 25-30 pounds of weight is gained during pregnancy, with most of the weight distributed around the abdominal area.

One of the best cardiovascular activities pregnant women can do is swimming. Swimming can help strengthen your heart muscles and also improve oxygen delivery to the muscles. Swimming also strengthens your shoulder and abdominal muscles, and it reduces high blood pressure and joint stiffness.

After all, the skin must tightly stretch in order to cover the growing belly. Drinking plenty of water is the best, natural way to prevent stretch marks. Breasts should also be treated with care, as they will enlarge as well.

Below you can see supplementation that I recommend before and during pregnancy. Take a look pregnancy is a time of your life when you cannot take risks, can you. Happy pregnancy!

Aloe Vera Gel – recommended a few months before pregnancy to cleanse and prepare woman’s body for pregnancy
Forever Lite Ultra – two shakes provide 100% RDI of numerous vitamins and minerals; Forever Lite Ultra® supplies the 18 important amino acids, including essential, non-essential and the branch-chain amino acids
Nature-Min – provides minerals and trace minerals in a perfectly balanced ratio for maximum efficiency; contains trace minerals from natural sea bed deposit; can prevent postpartum depression or hair loss
Arctic Sea – contains a proprietary blend of DHA-rich Calamari Oil, ultra-pure Omega-3 Fish Oil and High Oleic Olive Oil (Omega-3 is vital for proper brain development of a baby)
Fields of Green – can help supplement or increase hemoglobin levels, while also having a positive effect on digestion.

Contact me for orders here.

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My husband was accidentally born in Osun state, Nigeria because his mum decided to travel there for the weekend only a few weeks before her due date. As a result of my husband's strong affection for the land of his birth, he envisioned himself giving back.

His dream is to create a film festival that will rival Raindance, Sundance, London, Cannes and New York film festival and give opportunities to young people who are genuinely interested in media production. Seems like a tall order given that our bank balance is “overflowing”.

I guess the cat is out of the bag, but we believe it will happen by the grace of God. Check out our first promo video for Osun film festival and remember that this post is to let you and your contacts know that we are in need of financial, technical and logistic support to be able to create Osun Film Festival in Oshogbo. The dream is that the first edition will take place this year in Oshogbo, which means we have very little time to prepare.

Every support and suggestions will be welcomed. Please watch and SHARE THIS POST with your network, let’s make Osun Film Festival happen.
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Once my husband asked me if I  have ever thought that  I will have mixed-race children"....well, the thing is ....what I have really not expected was all the comments people told me in the past few years about my children.

I mean, I kind of got over the fact that my children are considered to be "only black" or "only white" depending on the location they are at at the time. In the UK they are black, however in Nigeria they are oyinbo (white).

 But I really have not expected the other comments I got. I have collected a few of them for you just to give you an idea.

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1. you are so lucky that your children have light skin.

2. what did you feel when you saw a black child coming out of you? (my daughter looked very dark when she was born)

3. You are so lucky. Mixed race children are so much cuter.

4. Did your husband ever doubted they are his children? (My children are quite light skinned now.)

5. "But what kind of life are they going to have" - a Hungarian old lady on the way to Hungary

6. What did your mum say when you announced you will marry a black guy.

7. Oh, dear good luck with combing their hair.

8. I love half-cast children, too. (In many countries -including Hungary- people still call mixed race children half-cast)

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It is well known that many Nigerians have been blessed with full, plump lips.  What some of you might not know is that they can use these lips pointing as well.
If you are married to a Nigerian, you have probably witnessed your husband using his lips to point to something. 

Why waste energy using your voice or silly fingers, when God has blessed people with lips to do the job! But you know what is insane? That my son started to use his lips at a very early age, too.
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I cannot THANK GOD enough to give me a supportive husband. He is my rock in struggle , my African king. I dedicate this song for you, babe. I think most wife want a supportive husband. I love you even though you are not a mind reader....:)


Nigerian people love church. They love going to church, boasting about which church they go to, which church they started, how many uncles they know are pastors – and of course – singing praise songs any chance they can get.

As a Nigerian man's wife, you already know this: any function is a function fit for God, so at your wedding, at your birthday, and at your graduation, you better be prepared for some worship. After all the guests arrive mother in law steps up and says: “Today our daughter/son is a graduate! ". What begins as a normal speech slowly turns into: “… and we thank you Jesus for everything…” Which, of course, quickly becomes a chorus of everyone’s favorite: “… oh Lord I am very very grateful!” And so it starts.

As a Nigerian man's wife I even went further and joined the choir in church. I'm always amazed how many songs Nigerians know; I'm still struggling to learn all the songs that we're singing in service. As for Yoruba ones my favorite is Kilo lese Olorun mi. :)

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The child screams. Breakfast need to wait because plates and cutlery disappeared from the kitchen. Somebody stole all the socks from the wardrobe and you should be on your way to work. This is the point when I say. AWWWWWW. It is well.

Sometimes we get fed up. I “personally” get fed up “drastically” when I am under too much pressure. But you know what I had to develop a way to cope with life to show good example to my children….and of course to stay healthy. So I look for “the thing within my mind” and I “ see myself dancing”

No seriously, I would grab the next possible opportunity and I would dance crazily to P-Square Personally song.

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Trust me it can save lives.


The Nigerian man is a natural hustler, they go out in the morning and come back in the evening, they don't usually get fed up with wealth acquisition, that is the one thing women seem to like so much about Nigerian men.

 They take responsibility and make sure their family as well as their woman is well taken care of.
Of course we all know generalisation is not right but as far as I can see the above statement is well true in most cases.
What do you think?

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Remember that your heart is a muscle. If you want it to be strong, you need to exercise it.

  • How do you do it? By being active in a way that gets you huffing and puffing, like jumping rope, dancing, or playing basketball. My favorite way of exercise is dancing for uplifting Christian music. Try it! You won't regret it!
  • Try to be active every day for at least 30 minutes! An hour would be even better for your heart!
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods and avoid foods high in unhealthy fats, such as saturated fats and trans fats (reading the labels on foods can help you figure out if your favorite snacks contain these unhealthy ingredients). 
  • Palm oil is not an ideal food for your heart. I know, I know, Nigerians love it. But please abeg, reduce the amount of oil you use When I first saw my husband using palm oil in egusi I was shocked. Please don't use too much of it, my sister/brother.
  • Try to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.
  • Avoid sugary soft drinks and fruit drinks.
  • Don't smoke. It can damage the heart and blood vessels.


Nigerians are rarely comfortable with public display of affection, e.g kissing and verbal declaration of love; and neither are they comfortable with open and public discussions of abortion or sex.

Being grown up in Hungary, Central Europe I found it challenging to accept that my husband is not naturally interested in candlelight dinners, flower giving, romantic walk by the lake or park.

True globalization and modernity and westernisation are impacting the Nigerian culture. In cities across Nigeria, these changes are noticeable; but over all, the effects of these changes are minimal. A Nigerian may be well read, well educated and well travelled, in the end though, he will be still under the influence of his culture.

So how is this culture clash solved in an interracial marriage??

Easy, people marry, not for the curiosity, but because they are bonded and are determined to make a success of the marriage institution; they are bonded by love and faith and a commitment to one another. I always say that marriage is a give and take. We do what you want today and we do as I wish tomorrow.


The cinema of Nigeria , often referred to as Nollywood, grew quickly in the 1990s and 2000s and became the second largest film industry in the world in number of annual film productions, placing it ahead of the United States and behind only India. In 2013, it was rated as the third most valuable film industry in the world after generating a total revenue of NG₦1.72 trillion (US$10 billion)

What I found watching Nollywood is that they are highly addictive...lol....I love them.
But what is Nollywood. Watch this wonderful short documentary made by my husband


Have you ever felt like you knew there is more out there for you? Have you ever heard a little voice telling you you will make it in life?....but you couldn't see anything just yet...

This is how entrepreneurship is, especially if you are an artist. I am not an artist myself but my husband is. He is a filmmaker, photographer working mainly as a freelancer.

I have always envied people who knew what they need to pursue in life and went for it. Even if money doesn't flow evenly.

J. K. Rowling for example struggled for years before she got famous with Harry Potter. At some point she was clinically depressed because of living in poverty as a single mother in Edinburgh.

As an artist you just have to keep working and believing yourself that the day will come when people will recognise your name in the industry. And your family need to be extremely patient during the process as we all know how important emotional support is.

If you are married to one of those Nigerians who has the proper business blood you know what I mean. You have to be patient and believe. I believe that my husband is an extremely talented artist with great attitude. He is friendly and intelligent and brilliant at networking. I am looking forward to the time when I will see his name on television.

I know the time is fast approaching....

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Marriage is a journey...

I remember before I met my husband I had a list of criteria that I wanted my future husband to have.

I don't have my cheat sheet any more but I know I wanted a tall guy... I got it. I know I wanted an intelligent guy....I got it. I know I wanted to somebody that will support me in whatever I do....I got it.

I don't think it is coincidence. I believe you need to know in life what you want otherwise you get something else. Unsurprisingly, my favourite saying is "if you don't know where you are going how will you know when you have arrived"

It is true in my case. I knew who I wanted and God gave my husband to me. Of course you have to remember that sometimes you don't get what we want but what we NEED.

I for example I wanted somebody that can let me leave the conversation when there is a disagreement but my husband is a "Philosopher". He has studied Philosophy and trust me he knows how to convince you. Since I married to him he taught me that running away is not the best solution. We can achieve more by talking things through.
You see, I got what I NEEDED not what I wanted.


Becoming Christian is one of the greatest thing that has happened to me after getting married.

Reading the Bible and living to it a great help in life. In fact I often feel like I found the instruction booklet to solve my problems.

What I really find promising is that I found the best way to raise my children, the Christian way. To my husband this is perfectly normal. He has been raised in Nigeria to a very religious father that would make him pray long hours EVERY DAY. He still remembers the memory verses that needed to be repeated every day. He can quote from the Bible for hours but most importantly he lives according to these teachings.

My case is completely different. I have been brought up in Hungary by agnostics and I had not opened the Bible in the first 24 years of my life.

As last week we celebrated Children's Day in our church - New Covenant Church Manchester- I was amazed by the children performing on stage. They were so natural and enthusiastic; I wish I had a foundation like them.

It is not a secret that New Covenant Church is a mainly Nigerian church and when it comes to religion Nigerians MEAN BUSINESS....I'm telling you.

It was in 2011 when I have first heard my future sister in law praying. To be very honest with you I felt scared. I thought she was fighting first but then I have realised she was praising God.

Now I wouldn't be scared any more because I know that different people have different ways to praise God. But I can tell that my Nigerian family would not joke with the Bible. They know it inside out without question. For instance, when I tell people in my church that my son is called Kornelius ; I do not have to explain who Kornelius was in the Bible. ................When we used to go to Church of England with my husband this wasn't evident.

All in all I love the fact that my son is singing Christian songs at breakfast and he's been raised the Nigerian Christian way.


This video was made in 2012 when I travelled on the train with my sister and I decided to learn a Yoruba song. ENJOY!
Now I am planning to record another song. Any suggestions? Help me choose.



This video has been made in 2012 when I just started to learn Yoruba. I couldn't have imagined that it will reach 15 000 views one day. This is not a great video at all ; I just woke up when my husband started to film. I was busy writing my book at the time. Then I switched to this blog. When my book is going to be ready ? I have no idea. One thing is for sure : White Naija Girl is becoming international. :)


I adore my husband for his passion for his country.

This is what I found on his social site and I thought I would like to share it with you.

"I love Nigeria and Nigerians, that is why I want to remind you (voters) that today is a day to remember that the Republic of Nigeria, the Nigerian flag and our love for our fellow Nigerians must be at the heart of our decisions. I understand that some people must have receive yams and bags of rice. That must not stop you from doing the right thing today. I live in the UK and we here understand how no politician can be greater than the citizens. You have power, vote wisely, vote for someone you can trust to curb corruption which is the number 1 problem of Nigeria. Nigeria is wealthy but your money is in the hands of thieving politicians. Vote for someone who can stand up against them. Don't vote for some who is playing politics with your life. I am not going to mention any names but you know who you must vote for. The decision is yours, but remember your country and vote for rightly for the love of Nigeria. Again you must remember that no politician is greater than Nigeria, Nigerians and the flag of Nigeria"


Egusi is the seed of one species Citrullus Lanatus, a type of watermelon. The soup made from egusi seed is quite popular all over Nigeria.

Normally it's eaten with pounded yam and I have to tell you that it is really delicious. We have nothing like this in Hungary and when I first tried it I've eaten two full plates from it.

Today I wouldn't like to write about how delicious egusi soup is but what we can get from eating it.
First of egusi is quite high in fat content that makes it high in calories. Talk less of my Yoruba husband that love adding lots of palm oil to our egusi soup.Look at the chart below!

The basic Egusi Soup enriched with few chunks of stockfish and two pieces of meat contains a total of roughly 470 calories per serving without pounded yam!

But probably you also noticed that egusi is rich in vitamin A,Vitamin C, Calcium and iron.

Vitamin A is commonly known as the vitamin needed for good eyesight. Along with promoting vision, vitamin A is also vital for maintaining healthy skin, and supporting the immune system.

Vitamin C protects against heart attacks and strokes. In general, this nutritional element promotes better vascular health and vitamin C may even be important in preventing things like Alzheimer’s disease.

Calcium is needed for good teeth and strong bones and for the proper function of nerves, muscles, kidneys, and the heart.

Iron is very important because it helps your body to make haemoglobin. Haemoglobin, or ‘Hb’, is the protein found in red blood cells that carries oxygen around your body and gives blood its red colour.
What can happen if you have low iron levels?
If the level of iron in your body falls, your red blood cells may not contain enough haemoglobin. At first you may not notice any difference, however, if the amount of haemoglobin falls further, you can start to feel tired. If the shortage of iron is more severe, you can feel unusually weak or breathless. This is called anaemia.

Egusi Soup - Nigerian Egusi Soup (1.36cups)

    Calories462Sodium1815 mg
    Total Fat28 gPotassium0 mg
    Saturated6 gTotal Carbs13 g
    Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber4 g
    Monounsaturated0 gSugars4 g
    Trans0 gProtein43 g
    Cholesterol93 mg
    Vitamin A104%Calcium12%
    Vitamin C59%Iron42%