I have recently received an email from a lady called Bola. She told me that she love to eat Africa foods but not sure which African food to eat that wouldn't add extra pounds to her weights. She asked me to create a diet plan for her that could help her loose weight.

I was more than happy to help her and I asked her to fill out my consultation brief so I could find out a bit more about her.

When creating a diet plan it is extremely important to know the age/sex/occupation/daily routine or even any medical problems of the person. Not surprisingly she admitted that she sometimes skips breakfast and even lunch. This a very common mistake most people make. Thee second common mistake is eating large meals late at night.
I know it is possible eating African food and still loose weight and even maintain your slim figure because that's what I do as well. My husband is a traditional Yoruba man. He's listening to African music, drinking malt drink and if he doesn't eat African food for a day he feels he's not eaten.

Today I'm sharing a sample diet plan that can give you an idea how to create your own personalised African slimming routine. First of all I would like you to pay extra attention on the following factors though:

1. It is extremely important for you to keep your energy level up at all time because you are working/studying and your heart and your organs need energy to function well.

First thing you have to do is to eat breakfast an hour after waking up.

2. After breakfast you have to eat something every three hours.

3. But only the first,third and fifth meal need to be a bit bigger. If you want to lose weight none of your main meals should be bigger than the size of your two hands put together.

4. You need to make sure than you don't eat two hours before going to bed and that the quality of your last meal is very healthy. Unfortunately you cannot eat traditional Nigerian food as your last meal because they are mainly high in fat and carbohydrate.

5. Drink at least 2l of water. If you don't like water put lemon or any fresh fruit into your drink to give it some flavour. It is important to "flush out" your body specially when losing weight.

This is your sample plan below. Enjoy!

Breakfast: plantain, vegetables and eggs with hot drink (e.g. your morning coffee)

Snack: 15 almonds/nuts

Lunch: Brown/ white rice, traditional African stew and salad on the side

Snack: fruit and yoghurt (sugar free version)

Dinner: chicken/fish and steamed vegetables

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