Some of you know that I work as a recruitment consultant and I deal with hundreds of cvs every day. Well, hopefully. I'm always very excited to see a Nigerian name on a CV and I always try to help the person to find a job if I can.  However, there are a few things in Nigerian CVs that I'm not very excited about. simple ERRORS! !! Brrrrr....

When I see something like "Alabi Joseph" my first question is certainly:Is Alabi your surname?
The Nigerian way of writing names is different to the English one. in English your first namecomes first
,  then your middle name if you have one followed by your surname.  So the correct order would be "Joseph Alabi" in this case.
That's just one of the simplest mistakes I normally see. Good , that I even English colleagues would probably ignore it. They might not have the time to look for country code as well for the number provided in the curriculum vitae so please make sure you have the full number with all the dialing code , area code and extension number.

The next thing you have to remember is that recruiters literally have 1 minute for your CV.  sometimes even less. Wich means they do a quick keyword search and move on if you don't have the right words on your pages. Today for example I did my regular search for "subsea" and "control system" and I realised that this Nigerian candidate had not many of those words written.  I called him up anyway because he's Nigerian when he informed me about his extensive subsea experience.

Please don't do this to yourself!!!! Your cv is the only document a consultant has about you. Please make sure you use all your spaces to write.

The last thing I want to highlight today is the presentation.  You know,  my friend I spend valuable sales time to write adverts. I expect candidates to respect this and when they reply to my ads at least write SOMETHING.  Anything. "Hi, please find attached my cv for the design engineer job advertised on LinkedIn. "

There is nothing that I hate more than receiving a cv with a blank email.

That's it for today, guys. Hope I wasn't too harsh, now after a busy working day.if I was , please forgive me. Remember, recruitment people start their shift at 7am. Some of them even earlier.e ? The Nigerian way of writing names is different to the English one. In. s

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