Do you want to look like a supermodel with perfect and healthy skin?  I know what you think my sister. You probably believe that those pictures are just the work of the photographer , make up artist and Photoshop.  Trust me, my sister,  there is a way to get a healthy skin naturally by developing a healthy routine and start some new habits.

There are certain foods that can contribute to your brand-new beautiful skin. Some of the most powerful complexion perfecters are strawberries,  citrus fruits, red peppers and broccoli.  Not really Nigerian foods, are they?
Good news is that you don't have to eat plenty of them toachieve the best result.2 cups of fruits or 1 cup of the vegetables mentioned above can help you prevent wrinkles by creating a strong support layer on top of your skin. You can get the same beauty benefits with dark orange, red vegetables and apples.
Do you prefer heavy foods? Don't worry you won't starve when you are on a skin improving diet. There are a lot of protein-rich foods to choose from

Sunflower seeds and salmon can help you to protect your skin in the sun; lean meat, pork and poultry will give a young glow to your skin. Aim for 2 tablespoons hulled seeds and one palm-sized serving of meat daily.
Besides following a healthy life style what else can black women do to maintain touchably soft skin?

Moisturizers are a must. Black skin can appear to be "ashy" when it's not well lubricated.  For the face it's best to use a different cream made specifically for your facial needs.
Exercise can also be a good component to skin care. Regular workout keep the skin toned and makes you feel good.

Again, following a healthy diet and being active also can help to prevent breakouts.For most of us, having healthy skin takes a small amount of work, but beautiful skin is worth the effort. Whether you have ten minutes or an hour's worth of pampering, take the time you need. Every time you look in a mirror, you'll be glad you did.

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