Hi every one!

I hope you all know by now that I love exercising. However I noticed that people in my -mainly Nigerian- church don't get enough exercise. I was wondering whether they don't like exercising or they just don't have time for it. People explained to me that Nigerian women in the UK are really struggling to have time for themselves. "It's not like back in Africa where people have maids." - they said.

Here they have to do all the housework themselves and most of them even work full time. On the other hand they have more kids than average British citizens. And kids keep them very busy UNLESS they are in church where children can go to there class during prayer sessions.

I feel like part of my mission to help Nigerians become healthier and fitter even if need some trick to do that. So I talked to Pastor's wife Mrs Esther Oludipe to help me organize an exercise class in church. I think people would have more chance to come this way.

After discussing all sort of "issues" about it we finally decided to do the class on every Saturday at 7-8pm in our church - New Covenant Church , 1 Matthews Lane, Manchester M12 4QW.

The class is FREE and everybody is more than welcome.
Hope to see you there. God bless.


  1. it's got to do with the kind of society we've got here in nigeria lol , everyone's mind is on how to make a better living ,so it keeps us all here soo occupied that exercising is of little importance

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