Staying calm is key when you are completely broke and need to make money fast. Brainstorm as many honest, healthy and legal money-generating ideas as possible.

Look at my list below:

Donate Blood

So what if you feel a bit woozy? You’re helping yourself and saving lives.

Resell stuff online

Don’t quite know what to do with that weird doll in your bedroom? Sell it online. There are several auction sites online such as Ebay, Amazon. You would be suprised what you can make money form.

Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great get extra money when you are broke. Look around your home and find some things you can bare to get rid of. DVDs you never watch, clothing you never ware or gym equipment that you never use are all great items to sell at a garage sale. Also, be sure you as your neighbors if they would like to have one as well, as multi-family garage sales usually bring in more buyers.

Sell your Hair

If you are one of the lucky few who have beautiful long hair, consider selling it. Depending on the length and quality of your hair you can get as much as £1000. Just remember that if your hair is dyed, then you are not likely to sell it. Most purchasers of hair need the hair to be in its natural state.


Babysitting is not just for teenagers. Parents are always looking for reliable people to watch their children, so this is a great way to get fast money when you are broke. Spread the word among family and friends that you are wanting to start babysitting. Before you know it you will have several families to sit for and will have a steady source of money.

Mow Lawns / Shovel Snow

Let's face it, people are lazy and do not want to do extra work. However, if you aren't afraid of manual labor, mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter are great ways to make money. You can advertize your services for free on Craigslist and build a clientele.If you are broke and need to get fast money, use these ideas to start bringing in that money.

Take it back

Take back unwanted stuff to the shop that you recently purchased.

Write for websites

If you have a good command of the English language and know how to tell a story, easy-to-use writing sites abound on the Internet. Unfortunately, they don't pay well and many don't pay quickly, but they do pay. And the more you write the more you make. Some of the most popular pay-per-click websites include associatedcontent.com, helium.com, eHow.com and demandstudios.com.

Profit from a hobby

What are you good at? Make a list of your skills and hobbies. If you like to garden, you could sell the herbs, plants, fruits or vegetables you produce. If you like to bake, offer to make cookies or a cake for friends, relatives and neighbors for a small fee. If you like to read and write, consider helping high school or college students hone their skills. If you can sew, offer to make alterations or create clothes for others for a fee. If you can draw or design, offer your services to a local company. The possibilities are endless.


Spend less and aim to have a few no-spend days  a month. After a while, it becomes a game: how can I run my life today without writing anything down in my little budget book? How ingenious can I be to make do with the things, food, and resources I already have at my disposal? See how often you can turn this into a habit.

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