"Manchester Attitude" Exhibition (Part 1)

"Freedom means being able to say YES but being allowed to say NO."

My husband has been involved in this project of Manchester Arts Gallery in 2007. The event took part on 25 March 2007 marked two hundred years since the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in Britain. To commemorate this Manchester Art Gallery has been working partnership with seven museums and galleries in Greater Manchester. Together they were exploring lasting legacy of transatlantic slave trade across the region. Viewing their collections from new perspectives, they hoped to build a better understanding about the past and what makes Manchester the place that it is today.

Through events, community projects and new displays people have uncovered different stories and opinions about the collections. You can see my husband's responses by following the links below:

You want to read more go to :

"Manchester Attitude" Exhibition (Part 1)

'Manchester Attitude' Exhibition - Benga Voxpop (Part 1)

'Manchester Attitude' Exhibition - Benga Voxpop (Part 2)

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