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I always want to look gorgeous not only in my 20s but also in my 50s or 70s.There are some basic fashion do's and don'ts that will apply to all women and I will touch on these.I will share with you some great tips and tricks and some great body slimmers that will help you look 10 lbs thinner and other items that no women should be without.


First we need to find out what your body shape is.
Each body type has its own fashion do's and don'ts checklist so shine your eyes and ears and find out which one is your body shape.


The upper body is noticeable smaller than your lower body. If you were to gain weight most of it would go to your hips and tight.


Your upper body is noticeable larger than your lower body.  If you were to gain weight most of it would go to yourwaisline.


You are very curvy with a clearly defined waist.  If you were to gain weight most of it would distribute evenly right to your curves.


Your figure is straight up and down. You may have slight curves but they are not defined.  If you were to gain weight most of it would distribute evenly throughout your frame.


  • Show off your slim top half with strapless tops and dresses. A strapless maxi dress is a great buy - try and find one with a nipped-in waist and a flared skirt.
  • Spaghetti and embellished strappy tops are your friend, because they show off your lovely arms, shoulders and d├ęcolletage.
  • Shoulderpads in jackets will help broaden your top half and balance out wider hips.
  • Be wary of the length of your clothes. Choose jackets that cut off above the hip line for a flattering look.
  • Minimise wide hips with dark block colours on your bottom half. Dark bootcut jeans will elongate the legs and balance out hips.
  • Showcase your fantastic small waist with a thin belt across the smallest part.
  • Invest in a good bra a padded bra will add a few cup sizes and could give you a confidence boost.
  • Look for skirts with front pleats. A-line skirts also work well as they make the waist look small, while skimming over the hips.
  • Wear prom dresses - the circle skirt will hang from the waist to the knee area, creating a flattering A-shape.

  • You need to draw attention away from your tummy and draw attention to your best attributes which include your much envied breasts and legs.
  • Look for tops with V-necklines, this will pull attention away from your shoulders.
  • Look for blouses that have cinched waist or belted jackets. this will give the illusion of a smaller waist and slim down your tummy.
  • Jackets should always fall below the waist to mid-thigh, never at the widest part of your hips.
  • Play up your nice legs with shorter skirts, by shorter I mean 1-5 inches above the knees.

  • Your best bet: Call attention to your lovely waist. Even if you're plus-sized, don't cover up your curviness; it'll only make you look bigger! If you feel self-conscious about showing off your curves, then layer a loose but fitted tunic top over fitted jeans. 
  • Your best-balanced look: A lacy camisole underneath a shawl-collared jacket paired with an above-the-knee skirt. Stay away from anything too tight. Better to go up a size or two than call attention to your, ahem, curvier areas. 
  • Your best fabric: Fluid, draping fabrics and stretchy knits. Avoid stiff fabrics that have no give, like linen, corduroy and lined wool. Also, a monochromatic look wins over a busy print.(small-scale prints are OK). 
  • Your best cut: Wrap dresses and wrap skirts are your best friends . On top, boat or scoop necks or deep V sheaths drape beautifully around your curves without pulling at them. 

  • The neckline: Having a scooped neckline or a sweetheart neckline would really define your curves; maybe even create some of them.
  • Exaggerate: Rectangle shaped women can certainly wear tops and dresses that is a little over the top when it comes to the design with the material. They can wear shirts that have ruffles or a lot of detail and they will certainly look good doing the same, for it would add definition and curves as well.
  • Ballerina waistline: One of the problems that a rectangular body might face is a non- defined waist. In order to define the waistline and to provide some distinction between the size of the waist and the bust, one can opt for a ballerina waistline. This would exaggerate the curves on the hip and the bust as well.
  • Going lean: It might be surprising to learn that long and lean jackets would help. If you have a lean and rectangular body, you could embrace it and flaunt it now and then. Instead of creating illusions of curves, just flaunt the straight lines of your body.
  • Layers: Wear clothes that have a lot of layers- like wearing a t-shirt inside your shirt or just wearing a sleeveless t-shirt on top of another t-shirt. This would certainly make you look better and define your body better.
  • No concerns regarding pants: Rectangular body has one big benefit- almost all kinds of pants would look amazing. Pencil pants would emphasize those straight legs and make you look lean and mean. Ruffled pants would add curves to your body and make you look good. When pants shopping, you are pretty much free to buy whatever you want as rectangular shaped women.


I believe it's never too early to start anything so I found out how to make myself look fabulous even in my 50s. Enjoy!:


Don't match shoes with bag.
Don't wear sleevless or capped sleeves if you have flabby upper arms.
Don't shop by size, shop by fit.
Don't buy a piece of basic clothing unless you can wear it three ways.
Don't wear baggy or tight clothes. Choose waist-ed jackets, scoop necklines and fitted tops.
Don't wear a floral print on the body part that you want to downplay.
Don't wear  a panty hose with open toe shoes.


Do make your legs look longer by wearing  a nude shoe.
Do wear an interesting brooch instead of necklace if you have a chicken neck.
Do belt a sheath dress to distract the eye from the belly.
Do check yourself on a three way mirror.
Do remember size and age are just numbers.