Religion is very important to Nigerian people. I did my homework and found out that 45% of the population in Nigeria is Christian, 45% Muslim and the rest 10% is a mix of religions.

Nigerian people love church. They love going to church and singing praise songs. It’s not a secret that my church is mainly a Nigerian church. Most of the people are from Nigeria, apart from some Oyibos like me.

I like Nigerian churches because every one of them that I went to taught me something. I love the way how Nigerian pastors explaining things. They are not just reading out the Bible passage but also explaining it and giving examples from daily life. I still remember these given examples and I’ve learnt a lot from them.

I’ve also noticed that for Nigerian people, no prayer is ever long enough and no song is ever loud enough. Sometimes what begins as a normal speech slowly turns into: “… and we thank you Jesus for everything..”-which is very good, but it was strange to me first when I didn’t know much about Nigerian people.

Today I know that at your wedding, at your birthday, and at your graduation, you better be prepared for some worship and praise songs. It doesn't matter how badly you sing but you better be singing with serious passion.

Sometimes I still feel a bit left out when everyone else knows the songs….and they sing back to back non-stop songs, one after the other. I’m also struggeling when I know the song because I’m not really blessed with beautiful voice. The good thing is though that not every Nigerian people sing very well and some of them sing in a different melody.

This is actually really good for me. At least I can chose to sing whatever melody I like and nobody even realise it. Praise the Lord!

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