I had a conversation with a few church members today after service. Surprisingly they talked about something that I mentioned in my last post. They talked about Nigerian parents and their own experience. The guys said, in Nigeria most of the parents want their children to have very good education and become successful. I think this is actually very good. However, parents sometimes ignore their children’s talent.

One of the greatest examples that my Nigerian friends gave was Fela Kuti. His father didn’t want him to become a musician. Fela was sent to London to study medicine but decided to study music instead. Thank God he went for what he wanted. He became the Afro-music legend. I’m sure there are lots of other talented Nigerians like him.

As a recruitment consultant I’m personally always amazed how educated Nigerian people are. Most of the Nigerian people I interviewed had at least a Master degree if not PhD. They are very educated people thanks for strict parents.

So if Nigerian parents would be strict in the right field then we could have  a lot of famous Nigerians. We are actually working on our son’s career already and of course we are very strict about it. He’s probably going to be the next Olympic champion in swimming. He's training hard already as you can see on the above picture. :)

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  1. Hi there, I've just stumbled upon your bkog and I've enjoyed reading it. My family is Nigerian although my siblings and I were born in the UK. My husband is also Nigerian. I think it's great that you have embraced our food and other aspects of our culture and have also found God. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Diane @ Mrs U Makes.