Nigerian people know how to party. They have everything for it. Nice music, nice dress, delicious food and dance. What you need to know about Africans is that they have a tendency of arriving late. The guests definitely give enough time for the chef to prepare food!

The last Nigerian party I went to was very glamorous. Most of the women wore colourful gele and traditional dresses. Groups of friends wore the same pattern.

I really like gele, sometimes I wear it too, but most of the time I end up with a headache, probably because you have to tie it very strongly. It makes you look like an African queen when you have it on but most young people would rather wear their own hair.
The attires are all hand made to measure. Nigerian people like to make their own clothes instead of buying them ready.

The second essential thing in the party is the music. You normally have a band that sings for you but if they sing just for you, you have to pay, my friend. And not just a little! Nigerians love to “spray” money when the musician sings for them. Their favorite money to “spray” is usually the one dollar bills. On hand also are the money changers who make sure you never run out the dollar bills.

After the older people have finished dancing, the younger ones start. With the dj centre stage young people try out their latest dance steps (Atlanta, Azonto or Yahooze). I really love watching them actually because as we know Africans can dance.

“Item no.7” at my last Nigerian party consisted of fried rice, jollof rice, white rice and stew, pounded yam, egusi soup, chicken, meat pie, salad and of course you can get cans of soft drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, alcoholic drinks and most importantly malt drink. Guests are usually served by caterers and you might even be lucky to get a take away. In some parties gifts are doled out to attendees from salt to plastic boxes, washing up liquid, or handkerchiefs that carry inscription of the celebrant’s photographs and details

All in all African parties are great fun and I always enjoy myself.