I love Nigerian girls’ sense of fashion, especially the way they style their hair. Compared to European or English people, Nigerian women take extra care of their hair. Short, long, curly, straight hair…they have it all.

When I first started going to the women’s meeting at church I couldn’t believe how creative they were. I almost felt like I was at a fashion show. All the women I met there had nice hair. Although African women spend a lot on hair extensions they always manage to look very gorgeous. White people, (if I think about my friends, my family and myself) are not too bothered about their hair compared to the African ladies that I've come across. Most of the time they just tie their hair up.

My African friends use a variety of hair extensions, wigs, hats, hair bands and all sort of hair accessories. However, my favorites are when they have African inspired hairstyles instead of European ones. Those look uber cool, doesn't it? Possibly people are influenced by celebrities like Rihanna or Beyonce. So they should, after all, they are powerful women and I will like to rock the African hairstyle myself anyway.

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