Research shows that when you meet someone face-to-face, 93% of how you are judged is based on non-verbal data - your appearance and your body language. Only 7% is influenced by the words that you speak. Whoever said that you can't judge a book by its cover failed to note that people do.

After my pregnancy I felt very fat. You know when you are pregnant you just eat anyhow because you feel you and your baby need it. And after delivery when you face the reality you feel really upset. At least that's what I felt. 

Especially when you have a Nigerian husband and you eat white rice, eba and egusi all the time you don't even know what to do to lose weight. You want to slim down but you also want to favor your husband and of course yourself by cooking these foods. And who wants to stop eating Nigerian food? Nigerian food is tasty and when you eat it, you feel like you eat real food. 

However, we women always want to look beautiful. We make our self gorgeous, we dye our hair, buy nice clothes and of course we want to be slim.

It  took a while for me to figure out how I can achieve all of these at the same time. Today I manage my weight successfully, I eat Nigerian foods and make sure I am the most beautiful woman for my husband.

I know that most Nigerian women don't take weight issues too seriously. At least most of my friends don't. They think if their husband is not complaining, they don't have to lose weight or at least maintain their current weight. They also think, when you have a few children you "have to get fatter". What is your experience? I'm looking forward to your comments.


  1. Hello Emese. I just stumbled on your blog and I must say your husband is a very lucky man to have you so willing to embrace his culture, even down to the meals! I am a nigerian mom of 3 and don't agree that most nigerian women don't take weight issues seriously though, especially in recent times as there has been a paradigm shift and the average young nigerian man doesn't want a fat wife!! I did put on quite a few pounds since I started childbearing and it gets tougher to shift them as I have gotten older. My husband thinks I look fine, but for my own peace of mind I do need to lose at least 20lbs. It is hard however as us Nigerians have no real sense of portion control and our foods are so heavy in starch.

  2. Dear Nubian Princess, sorry for late reply and thank you for your kind words. I meant that in Nigerian culture bigger women don't get bullied as in my culture. At least that what my husband said.:)
    I do agree that Nigerian foods are heavy in starch. In fact today I've been to a Nigerian party and had a lot of yam, fried rice, jollof rice with chicken and fish.I noticed a difference between the food on my plate and my friends' . I'm really conscious about my weight and I make sure that after 3pm I don't eat much carbohydrate. I had very little rice and yam, chicken, beef and fish and salad without dressing. LITTLE CARBOHYDRATE!!!!!!! My friends had a lot of carbohydrate. in the afternoon! that will just make them bigger because they don't have enough time to walk it off on that day! Eat a minimum of 500g vegetables and fruits in the afternoon. Replace most of your starchy carbohydrate with them and you'll be fine. You don't need plus exercise. You get enough with your kids anyway :)
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. i really love the white rice and soup

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